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Great Lakes Brewing Company | Midnight Moses

Great Lakes Brewing Company | Midnight Moses
Kevin Risner

Cleveland-based Great Lakes Brewing Company has created a vast array of beers over the many decades the brewery has been in existence. They recently resumed brewing and distributing an old favorite, Holy Moses Belgian White Ale, year-round in 2018. Not too long after that, raspberries were added to the recipe and we had Holy Moses Raspberry White Ale filling our glasses with fresh fruit and hints of summer. Not to be outdone, Great Lakes is bottling another variation of their original Moses recipe this year. Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Midnight Moses is a dark Belgian-style ale that rounds out the collection of Moses beers for one and all to sip and enjoy.

All three beers provide us with the same base: orange peel and coriander. After that, things get more interesting. With Midnight Moses, brewers add black malt into the equation. The result as the bottle opens is a strong, rich aroma that is sure to tantalize.

Midnight Moses in all its deep, dark mahogany glory.

The pour, as pictured above, is clean and appealing. Like a cloudy Cleveland night sky during the cooler months of the year, this ale is a deep, deep brown. It is dark Belgian through and through. 

The taste, not pictured but verifiable, is faintly malty, subtly chocolatey and a touch spicy. Though different from the other two in this trilogy, Midnight Moses is a welcome dive into the world of the Wit. At 5.4% ABV and an IBU of 20, it is quaffable without being too strong or overpowering. Therefore, this beer is much like its kin in both alcohol content and bitterness level.

Midnight Moses, along with the other two Moses offerings GLBC brews, is a part of the Moses Mix variety pack. This 12-pack shipment starting making the rounds at the end of April throughout its distribution market. However, don’t wait too much longer. This variety pack will only be around until the end of May and, if you are lucky, into the start of June. Basically, until these variety packs are off the shelves. This is the only place you will find Midnight Moses, apart from the brewpub itself. So get out there and sample the Holy Moses family before these variations go on vacation when you will have to wait until next year.

Feature image courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Company.

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