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MadTree Brewing Co. | El Dorado High Imperial IPA

MadTree Brewing El Dorado High

If you’re as much of a beer person as I am, you know that as soon as your friend mentions they’re going out of town, you’re asking them to bring you back some beer! That’s exactly what happened when I heard of an impending Ohio trip. I absolutely had to get my hands on some MadTree beer, and I was so pleased! You’re going to have to read below to learn more about El Dorado High.

First of all, MadTree Brewing Company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was founded in 2013, which is fairly mature for most breweries nowadays. They’ve had the experience and everything they do is “done to inspire madness, [and] rooted in purpose,” so says their mission on their website. It’s true to a fault, as far as I can see.

Their beers, therefore, are both varied and exceptional in style, and their hops show quality in their selections. In the process of trying multiple beers from their current line-up, I landed on their amazing imperial IPA, their El Dorado variety, to be specific.

MadTree’s El Dorado High hangs out at 9.5% ABV and a whopping 120 IBUs. The El Dorado, Azacca and Mosaic hops “morph together to create incredibly juicy, tropical hop flavors. They crash into your palate like the smooth undulations of the incoming tide.”

Pouring this thing was a dream. It has a about a finger’s worth of light head – not too creamy with a piney, citrus aroma – and a great carbonation that danced in the glass for minutes. The citrus zest isn’t overpowering and complements the booze note within the first sip. The balance between malt sweetness and maltiness is present but not polarizing (one of the many benefits of imperial IPAs).

Mad Tree Brewing El Dorado High
Image courtesy of MadTree Brewing.

If I had any more of MadTree’s beer, I’d surely want more of whatever it is that I haven’t yet consumed! If you’ve had any update on Ohio beers, you should really see what MadTree has to offer.

Feature image courtesy of MadTree Brewing.

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