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The Veil Brewing Co. | Never Never Backdown Backdown

Never Never Backdown Backdown

As the winter months are drawing near and the cooler weather is becoming more of a constant, it’s easy to reach for these lighter, more “summer-y” beers to enjoy on the days that are just slightly warmer. The Veil Brewing Co.‘s Never Never Backdown Backdown is one of those drinks that will bring back the warm memories of summer with just one sip.

Never Never Backdown Backdown is a double-fruited version of The Veil’s apricot gose, Never Backdown. “Never Never Backdown Backdown is condition on over two tons (literally) of apricot puree,” the brewery shares. The resulting double fruited gose is very flavorful and aromatic, while still being light in alcohol content, as it comes in at 5.1% ABV.

Never Never Backdown Backdown | The Veil Brewing Co.

As you’re pouring this beer from the can, the gose almost looks juice-like. Its vibrant color shows a direct reflection of the amount of apricot puree that they use in the brewing process. The beer meets you with a very fruity, apricot aromatics on the nose; and needless to say, the flavor follows the aromatics. As a result of the beer style, there are hints of saltiness that follow the fruit-forward flavors. This creates a balance in the beer and although it sounds like it’d be a really sweet beer, it isn’t. There isn’t a bitterness in this beer at all. Not to mention, it doesn’t taste boozy at all. It drinks really easily and it’ll leave you wanting more.

On another note, if you’re ever been interested in creating a “beermosa” with a brut IPA, this is a beer that you’d want to have to mix it with. It would create the perfect, boozy, fully-beer beermosa.

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