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Off Color Brewing | Waddle Oktoberfest Lager

offcolor brewing Waddle Oktoberfest Lager
Rachel Morrison

If you’re currently in the mindset that it’s too early for pumpkin beer but too late for summer-only releases, then we’re on the same page. This often means it’s Oktoberfest season, the best season of all! Oktoberfest styles (usually in the form of a Festbier and Märzen) are popping up at the majority of breweries across the city and suburbs, and while it feels slightly earlier than normal (what day is it anyway?), I’m not upset about the early arrival.

Off Color Waddle


While some love the cooler weather for pumpkin-spiced everything, I prefer it for Oktoberfest beers, and Waddle from Off Color Brewing is a personal favorite. Like all brews from Off Color, the can art design evokes more carefree times. In previous years, you might have enjoyed Oktoberfest at the authentic Munich event, or at various Oktoberfest events closer to home. But this year, we’re enjoying these beers mainly in the comfort of our homes with the aid of Oktoberfest-style beers that provide us a bit of nostalgia.

Proper Glassware

Now that you’ve admired the can art, you need to pour Waddle into a glass. All Oktoberfest styles are best enjoyed out of a stein or large mug — often one liter in size, which are great for firmly holding onto your beloved beer without warming the beer inside. They’re also great for holding more liquid than the usual beer glassware (VERY important). Once poured, you can simply enjoy this incredible Oktoberfest-style beer, or practice for stein-holding competitions of the future and prost-ing with friends.

Food/Outfit Pairing

After you’ve poured your Waddle, pair it with a hot pretzel, mustard and some spicy beer cheese. Are you hungry yet? It also pairs nicely with kielbasa, so if you have any good gumbo recipes, now is your time to shine. Grab your lederhosen or dirndl to fully get yourself in the Oktoberfest-drinking spirit. Dancing and singing is also strongly encouraged.


Of course Waddle is malty. It’s a full-bodied beer with toasted grain flavors from the use of Pilsner and Dark Munich malts. The hop profile is subtle, but balances the beer, leaving a finish that’s not overly sweet. At 6.5% ABV, Waddle warms you up from the inside, helping you prepare for a cozy evening at home or spread out at the Off Color Brewing patio—IF you can score a seat. This one is an easy drinker and, after a few of these, you may be waddling too.


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