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Oconee Brewing Co. | Bacon & Kegs Bacon-Infused Red Ale

Oconee Brewing Bacon & Kegs
Brandon Cohran

Since the holiday chaos and rush has slowed down, it’s a good time for some reflection. We wrapped up some of our favorite beers and the biggest beer stories across our regions to end 2020. One story that caused a greasy splash was the collaboration between Waffle House and Georgia’s own Oconee Brewing Company for an official beer.

Now, a few weeks later, we’re wiping down the table and diving into the bacon-infused Red Ale that is Bacon & Kegs.

One of the first elements that shines in Bacon & Kegs is the touch of smoke in the aroma. It’s faint and subtle in peat, yet it adds depth to the overall smell. The garnet-amber hue shifts with the light and offers a minimal but lasting head.

Bacon & Kegs collabThe first note on the palate once sipped is a rush of malty sweetness, followed by a slight smoke from the bacon extract used in the beer. The hop profile is minimal, as expected in a Red Ale. Each sip is smooth with a resonating smokiness that lingers and builds over time but never overpowers. Once the smoke subsides, the lasting result is similar to a candied sweetness that coats your mouth. Much like the level of smokiness, the 6.5% ABV is approachable and enjoyable.

This collaboration was a limited release, but there is always hope that more Waffle House collaborations come from Oconee Brewing Company in the future. A maple syrup and waffle Stout? Hashbrown, well, Brown Ale? While those collabs are dartboard throws, Bacon & Kegs is the real deal. There were only 1200 four-packs released, but it was a beer that lived up to the newsroom hype!

Bacon & Kegs collabThis beer tasted as prolific as the label suggests, as the smokiness complements the malty sweetness of Oconee Brewing Company’s base Red Ale. The look, aroma and flavor of Bacon & Kegs Red Ale is as classic as midnight coffees, jukebox records and knowing the thousands of ways to order hash browns.

Feature Image courtesy of Brock Company Creative, LLC, via Oconee Brewing Company’s Facebook Page.

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