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Beers For Gaming | Ascension: Eternal

Beers For Gaming | Ascension: Eternal
Brandon Cohran

Deck-building board games often offer a unique sensation for gamers due to the act of holding physical cards and choosing which ones to play on the board or map. The hours upon hours spent opening packs, sorting through your collection and creating strategic decks adds memories to the game itself. The satisfaction of creating a deck based around a strategy or unique ideas–and it actually working–is incredible.

Ascension: Eternal gives you that same liberty of sticking to a strategy but adds an extra layer of complexity as you can never be sure which cards will be available and when. Each player (1-2) starts with the same ten cards, which act as currency. The player with the most honor at the end of the game wins. Before the final count is in, though, you’ll have to decide on how to configure your deck from the ever-changing pool of purchasable cards each round.

The starting decks have been dealt and the top six cards are displayed on the board: It’s time for a beer while you look over the cards to make your first move. Do you want to go heavy on the Hero cards for their active abilities and late-game honor addition? Would you rather put points into power so you can instantly slay monster cards in order to gain the honor upfront and build a lead? The real strategists out there may choose the construct route — it’s a fun one!

The first beer to reach for early in the game is Tucker Brewing Co.’s TKR Pilsner. This Pilsner is a staple in the fridge and perfect for game night. It features 100% German malts and hops. The light body keeps each sip refreshing and the Noble hops add a bit of spice and mild pepper before the clean and dry finish. At 4.8% ABV, it’s a great option for the first few rounds while you’re still figuring out your strategy. If Tucker Brewing isn’t available near you, then grab your local Lager of choice and get going!


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Ascension: Eternal is designed as a head-to-head matchup instead of a four player free-for-all. This changes the dynamics of the game by forcing you to keep up with your opponent as much as yourself. If they’re slaying all the monsters, maybe combat it with an onslaught of heroes or build a line of constructs.

Once your plan is in place and your discard pile is growing, grab your next beer. Keep a hand free to make your plays each round, but the other one should have a second beer in it by now. Resident Culture Brewing Co.’s Lightning Drop IPA is the perfect sipper for making those pivotal mid-game decisions. The ABV is still manageable at 6.2%, but be careful not to mistake the label for one of Ascension: Eternal’s heroes! Lightning Drop has an immense aroma of citrus and tropical notes that are evident even from the can due to the Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy hops.

If head-to-head competition isn’t your thing, then grab your go-to beer and enjoy some solo play with Ascension: Eternal. There’s a Solitaire-style game mode that allows for players to try out strategies and deck comps against Samael, the Eternal Sinner. Gameplay mechanics for the solo mode don’t change drastically. The main difference is that at the end of the turn, Samael obtains two cards from the Center Row to keep the game progressing .

Whether by yourself or against a friend, enjoy a beer next time you build a deck in Ascension: Eternal. For anyone looking to take Ascension digital, check it out on Steam, as well.

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