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Elsewhere Brewing | Landscape Lager Organic Keller Pils

Elsewhere Brewing | Landscape Lager Organic Keller Pils
Brandon Cohran

Elsewhere Brewing, in Atlanta, Georgia, is undoubtedly one of the best places in town to grab a beer or meal. Travel and adventure are two things close to the heart of owners Sara and Sam Kazmer. This influence of travel is evident in the taplist and kitchen menu. The ambiance invokes the sense of wonder and journey as cacti and greenery sprawl throughout the space.

There’s room at the table for everyone, and a beer for them, too. European-style Pilsners to Fruit Sours, IPAs to Pastry Stouts all have a place on the rotating taplist. The beer getting all of the attention in this showcase, though, is their Landscape Lager Organic Keller Pils.

Love for the Label

Without even pouring the beer from the can it is completely understandable if you simply choose to admire the label before even popping the top. The watercolor inspired scene summons a relaxing feeling of being on a rocky outcrop across from the mountains of Wyoming -or anywhere- where the wind blows in spurts and causes the grasses to dance across the field.

The love affair with the label can be put on hiatus for now, because the beer pours beautifully. The self-described straw-yellow haze fills the glass and sits beneath the foam. There’s a grassy and herbal aroma that has hints of spice and grain. It’s almost a little lemon-rind. The persistent head stays fluffy throughout.

Once you finish admiring the bright pastel strokes on the label, pop the top and grab a glass. When you order one at Elsewhere, you’ll likely get handed a dimpled mug with the perfect contrast of white pillowy foam atop the hay-yellow body. From the can, though, grab your go-to Lager glass and you’ll see the same result. The foam on this beer is as much an art medium as the pastel colors of the label. It pours heavy and depending on speed will allow for the most delightful pillow-top of foam which lasts until the very last sip.

Beer Tasting Notes

It takes one single sip to fall in love. That’s it. The initial flavor is of spice and floral botanicals. After that, there’s a pronounced bitterness that adds exactly enough complexity and intrigue to every sip. Every swallow leaves your tongue dry but mouth watering for more. The Pilsner Malt (Superior) is on full focus and some biscuity sweetness is there, but the hops and wheat malt help keep it at bay. There’s 30 IBU’s and 4.9% ABV, but this beer drinks so refreshingly that it would be an easy choice to drink at home or on a hike.


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It wouldn’t be a surprise to find yourself with an empty glass sooner than expected due to how refreshingly dry and crisp this Lager is. While it lasts, though, it is easy to picture yourself anywhere else than your couch, desk or porch.

This beer tastes like adventure, and don’t be surprised when your mind is traveling Elsewhere while enjoying it.

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