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Ultimate 6er | Most Unique Brewery Collaborations

Ultimate 6er | Most Unique Brewery Collaborations

The craft beer industry revolves around the concept of collaboration. Not one person can do every single role in a brewery to keep the lights on or the beer flowing. Frequently breweries collaborate with their brewing neighbors, charity organizations, bands or local restaurants, but this Ultimate 6er wanted to go beyond the impossible. Here we name some of the most creative ideas crafted by the industry that’ll make you appreciate what goes into making a true collective fusion!

Noon Whistle Brewery | Planters Mr. IPA Nut

(Photo Provided by Noon Whistle Brewing Facebook Page)

Peanut Manufacturer Planters dove head first into the craft beer world, even acknowledging the surprise of the collaboration with the hashtag #BeerGoesNuts. It was done in the name of pairing beer with the best bar snack available and Noon Whistle Brewery rose to the challenge. Earthy notes from the Wataku hops match beautifully with salty, sweet taste of the honey roasted peanuts. And the catty Citra hops dry out the palate for a musty, but irresistible drink you wanna slam at the bar.

Alpha Acid Brewing Co. | Dank Check

(Photo Provided by Alpha Acid Brewing Co.)

Alpha Acid Brewing Company reached out to film podcast Blank Check hosted by actor Griffin Newman and film critic David to make the most unique collaboration on the entire list. The podcast specializes in doing deep dives of a director’s filmography, so a hugely flavorful, long lasting beer is what they needed for the ultimate listening experience. This intensely dry-hopped West Coast DIPA has the same intense passion as the dedicated hosts, bringing forth a cornucopia of piney needles and stone fruits. When you want to make the collaboration of your dreams, sometimes all you gotta do is ask!

Oskar Blues Brewery | French’s Mustard Beer

French’s Yellow Mustard took the internet by storm by making one of the most unique collaborations in the world of craft beer. However, Oskar Blues was up to the challenge by infusing the classic condiment in a citrus-infused wheat ale! The vinegar-y, turmeric forward taste of French’s is highlighted thanks to the tart acidity and crisp finish. All you need for the perfect flavor bomb is a hot dog in hand and a glass of this special beer!

Stanley Park Brewing | Courageous Blonde

(Photo Provided by Stanley Park Brewing Facebook Page)

Yes, the famous athletic clothing line Lululemon wanted to expand into the world of beer by making a once-in-a-lifetime liquid celebration of their SeaWheeze Marathon. Courageous Blonde is the perfect after-yoga beer, as a Kolsch-style blonde ale infused with hops and lemon. This easygoing ale is trendy and refreshing like lemon water, lighting up the tastebuds with citrus taste and the balanced body. Thanks to Stanley Park Brewing, a stylish beer can transport you to Vancouver’s finest parks!

Red Tank Brewing | Mooby’s Milkshake IPA

In honor of preparing for Clerks 3, film icon Kevin Smith jumped head first into the craft beer market by several beers based around his fictional fast food joint Mooby’s. There were many great choices to pick from, but the best option came from Red Tank Brewing in the epicenter of the View Askewniverse of New Jersey. This New England IPA is filled to the brim with tropical hops and takes the milkshake aspect home my compounding layers of lactose, vanilla, and guava. From the smooth hoppy taste to the fruity sweet notes, this brings back memories of hanging outside the Quick-Stop having raunchy memories with your friends. Snoochie Boochies!

Champion Brewing Co. | Family Recipe

Duke’s Mayonnaise is a southern staple proselytized as the best condiment on god’s green earth but thankfully when they came to Champion Brewing Company to do a collaboration; they didn’t have to put it in the mash! No, this Vienna Lager is meant to be served with a BLT, the finest sandwich that can compliment the simplistic joy of the condiment. The bitter noble hops are reigned in by the toasty, caramel sweet Vienna malts to provide the perfect counterbalance to the tangy mayo. A perfect way to taste the South in your mouth!

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