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Sly Fox Brewing Co. | Helles Golden Lager

Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager
Kurt Bevilacqua

This is one for the lovers of classic styles. The ones who appreciate restraint yet quality. This is Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager – a clean and crisp rendition of the German-style lager that stays true to form. While innovation is always exciting, there is beauty in simplistic that is just as worthy as praising.

Helles – A Golden Standard of Lager

Helles translates into pale in color, and the golden hue they have is one of the main characteristics of this style. They are beers that offer excellent balance.

They combine a nice, subtle presence of matiness with a moderate flavor from the hops. The also offer the four main ingredients in ever beer to shine with no veil to disguise flavors.

What’s different between a pilsner and Helles lager then? Helles lagers are essentially a gentle step up from a pilsner. They offer a relatively fuller body and brings a touch more sweetness with a balance of hop spice to the table.

A Refreshing Flagship Beer 

It was way back in 1995 when Sly Fox Brewing Co. brewed their first inaugural beer. Since then, Sly Fox has brewed more than 100 different varieties of beer, opened multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania, and has won its fair share of awards.

Throughout the years too their Helles Golden Lager that has become a staple within its portfolio. It’s a beer that can be found on its draft lists and among shelves at stores in PA and neighboring states.

There is a specific moment when drinking a beer that is simple, yet refined. When you first take a swig, the carbonation tingles the tongue ever so slightly, and the subtle sweetness and floral hop flavors dance around in harmony. It’s that moment, immediately after swallowing that first sip, you almost involuntarily let out a gasp knowing you have a truly refreshing drink in your hands.

That’s what makes Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager so great. It doesn’t need anything more than some Noble hops, imported German pilsner malt, and quality water and yeast to satisfy the palate. Like its name suggests too, this beer gives off a golden tinge that shines bright with a clean and clear appearance. It’s sweetness resembles that of crackers.

With the use of Saaz and Hallertau hops too, bitterness is low but flavorful with light floral and spicy notes. It finishes dry and crisp, making you want to pick up the glass once again or crack another can once the glass is empty.

Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager: Any Time, Any Place

With its refreshing, drinkable profile, they are many moments to crack a Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager. It makes for the perfect after-work wind down or companion while exploring the trails. It’s just as good on a warm, summer day as it is while relaxing indoors on a cool, rainy day. With food too, it goes with everything from a homecooked seafood dish to your go-to comfort takeout. Just crack a can of Helles Golden Lager and enjoy the moment, whichever one that may be.

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