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Apocalypse Brew Works | Atomic Amber

Apocalypse Brew Works | Atomic Amber
Jereme Zimmerman

Apocalypse Brew Works, located in Louisville, KY, is known for brewing no-frills (well, maybe a few frills) traditional ales. Atomic Amber, a crisp, clean American Amber Ale, is no exception.

Atomic Amber gets its name from Apocalypse Brew Works theme, with several of their beers being named for some sort of an apocalyptic event (read more here). As described on their website’s tap list, Atomic Amber has “caramel maltiness with a hint of roast that ‘explodes’ with drinkability.”

Apocalypse Brew Works has only recently begun selling its beers in cans. We can thank the Apocalypse of 2020 for helping make that happen.

As a traditional American Amber (which is in the same family as Red Ales), Atomic Amber focuses more on malt than hops, with crystal malt giving it its characteristic red coloring and contributing to its malty backbone. Sitting at  39 IBU and 5.3% ABV, it’s not as hoppy as an IPA, but has a pronounced bitterness that helps balance out the maltiness.

Crisp and clear with a reddish hue, Atomic Amber explodes with flavor.

Atomic Amber can be found in cans wherever beer is sold in Kentucky. Or head to the Louisville brewery and taproom, appropriately dubbed “the Fallout Shelter,” where you can try some Atomic Amber straight from the tap, grab some cans to bring home and maybe even have a chat with head brewer and co-owner Leah Dienes.

Feature Photo Contributed by Apocalypse Brew Works. 

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