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Two One Minute Beer Reviews

Two One Minute Beer Reviews

Mexican Chocolate Stout – Copper Kettle Brewing Company, Denver, CO

ABV: 7%

IBU: 50

I had been told numerous times over the past year that getting to Copper Kettle was a must. Yesterday Cat, our social media coordinator, and a buddy from back home finally made the trip out. It did not disappoint.

Mexican Chocolate Stout was one of the most authentically chocolate tasting beers I’ve ever encountered. Often the term Chocolate Stout carries as much weight as the term “free iPad.” In the words of Admiral Ackbar “ITS A TRAP!” However on this occasion, tasters are hit with an immediate chocolate taste equal to that of a Kroger/King Soopers brand chocolate milk … trust me Kroger/King Soopers brand chocolate milk is the best in the business. What follows that initial first taste is an intense wave of jalapenos. As the server forewarned us, those jalapenos will settle in at the back of your throat. That dry heat coupled with the cinnamon and chocolate flavors blend for a tremendous combo.

Basil Blond

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 14

Also on this trip we got a rare sneak peak at the Basil Blond that Copper Kettle will be releasing in two days. Imagine liquid caprese. This liquid basil flavor is done through a tincture where the flavor from basil leaves are absorbed by vodka then added to the batch to create that rich authentic taste. Absolutely amazing!

But there will be more coming from our Copper Kettle trip soon.

Also, just a heads up that Copper Kettle is holding a benefit event tonight where all proceeds go towards the family of Alex Teves, who was an avid beer club member and victim of last month’s Aurora Theater shooting. Here’s the info.

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