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Lazy Magnolia Brewery | Sweet Potato Cream Stout (Jefferson Stout)

Lazy Magnolia Brewery | Sweet Potato Cream Stout (Jefferson Stout)
Katie Oswalt

ABV: 4.65% ABV | IBU: 22

Before Kentucky is scheduled to be buried under a foot of snow this week, I watched perplexed as Lexatonians prepare for Snowmageddon by stocking up on a month’s worth of Digiornos and Doritos while congesting every aisle of the grocery store. Rather than loading my cart with six gallons of milk and the last of the bread that just might last me 48 hours, I look for a comforting beverage with a flavor that resonates with the coziness of this bitter season. My eyes fell upon the words “Sweet Potato Cream Stout” and I knew I could ride out any storm with this belly-warming brew.

Straight from Lazy Magnolia Brewery in Kiln, Mississippi, this unique drink is available year-round. It is strangely light, packing only a gentle punch of 4.65% ABV, and is brewed with real sweet potatoes and lactose (milk sugar). It pours thick and dark, just the way I like my morning cuppa’ Joe. A strong, bubbly head is present then fizzles away quickly as if camera shy, leaving no time to snap a shot of the timid beauty. There is a delightful aroma of chocolate and roasted coffee beans reminiscent of a tempting stroll through the Godiva store. The opaque hue, even when held up to light, remains nearly jet black. I soon find it’s keeping its sweet secret from my tonguethough the taste is certainly not of sweet potatoes.

I expected a hint of sweetness laced with nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness, though this was not at all present. The flavor of any root veggies is fully absent despite the name, but surprisingly not to my disappointment. Caramel and vanilla notes linger upon a drink of the creamy milk-stout-like brew, tasting like a delectable dessert topped with a sprinkle of nuts. It’s smooth, thick, and satisfyingcravable enough that I almost had the desire to try this as an ice cream float. Now that, my friends, is how to spend an unfathomably cold evening when snowed in.

I give this belly-filling brew two thumbs up. A frosty mug of Sweet Potato Cream Stout is a perfectly fitting choice to end an adult snow day by the fireor perhaps a few when you realize your unmoved car has been the selected dumping spot for the neighborhood plows.

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