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Deschutes Brewery | Pinedrops IPA

Deschutes Brewery | Pinedrops IPA

ABV 6.5%
IBUs 70

In the pines, in the pines, where sun don’t ever shine, I would shiver the whole night through. —Kurt Cobain

Welcome to the affectionately-known Great Northwest, a place where craft beer rains down more often than mother nature. We have a fondness for the wet states to the west of us. Having truly fallen in love exploring Seattle early in our relationship, we cannot help but favor the region. What a great trip! We explored all the iconic areas of Washington’s 90’s scene: Kurt Cobain’s house, Layne Staley’s condo, the Jimi Hendrix Memorial and Bruce Lee’s gravesite, the ‘Singles’ apartment, The Moore Theatre, Central Tavern, The Mecca Cafe and of course, the Space Needle.

Speaking of meccas, we have yet to visit the craft beer mecca south of Washington, Oregon. Housing the most breweries per capita, this is top priority on our visit wish list. We are lucky the Oregonian brewery Deschutes distributes locally, giving us the opportunity to try many of their great brews. We always look forward to every drop. In this case, it includes a heavy dose of pine.


Jack Isacksen - @jack_of_all_beers Instagram
Photo Credit: Jack Isacksen – @jack_of_all_beers Instagram

Deschutes Brewery’s Pinedrops is an India pale ale brewed with several popular and experimental hop varieties. Inspired by sensory overload from exploring the forest near the brewery, the resulting beer hits every target it aims for. Pinedrops drizzles a fresh, heavenly hop – like sap from a conifer. A soft token of froth relishes smooth throughout the entire consumption. The initial smell is inviting, conjuring memories of the first time we fell in love with hops. From first taste, Pinedrops IPA delivers a clean hop bite. Imagine these ‘experimental’ hops may in fact not be hops at all; maybe it’s brewed with Chinook and pine needles.

Do you remember playing ‘running through the woods’ as a kid? Frantically waving your hands in front of a friend or sibling’s face repeating, “You’re running through the forest…” until the ultimate climax: the payoff of slapping him on the forehead because he didn’t dodge the tree. While enjoying this IPA, imagine that game, except the culmination is a resounding thud of wet pine in the face.

P.S. Where can we find the tree that produces beer…and money? It’d be the end of world problems.

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  1. Fun read! If it still holds true, you can show up at Deschutes’s sprawling factory in Bend, Oregon, and take a tour of crazy machines that crank out Pinedrops and stop in the bar for free samples. Which is to say, Deschutes will give you a free beer every day that you care to visit, no questions asked, no hands in the face.

    • Thanks Ron! As we mentioned, Oregon is very high on our wish list. Love to do brew tours. Appreciate the heads up and thanks for checking out the article.

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