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Fieldwork Brewing Co. | Sea Farmer Sea Salt Grapefruit IPA

Fieldwork Brewing Co. | Sea Farmer Sea Salt Grapefruit IPA

ABV 7.3%

Two words in the beer world that are instantly recognizable: Grapefruit Sculpin. Alex Tweet, head brewer and co-founder of Fieldwork Brewing Co in Berkeley, CA, decided to “take that idea in a different, but complementary direction” then the original Grapefruit Sculpin he created for Ballast Point. The different, but complementary direction resulted in Fieldwork’s Sea Farmer Sea Salt Grapefruit IPA (say that 10 times fast!). This grapefruit IPA is absolutely delicious and refreshing, making Sea Farmer the quintessential summertime fruit IPA.

Why is Sea Farmer Sea Salt Grapefruit so mouthwatering? If you ask anyone at Fieldwork Brewing Co, they will tell you that it is all in the ingredients. They use the freshest and most fragrant ingredients which really give Fieldwork beer another dimension. Sea Farmer utilizes Amarillo and Centennial hops to bring out the citrus. Together these hops really help accentuate the zest of the grapefruit pith Sea Framer is brewed with. The pith is the white membrane between the fruit and outer peel that causes the bitterness. The grapefruit greets you first in the nose and then continues on the palate. It really tastes like fresh-squeezed juice!

This hazy colored IPA is atypical of other Fieldwork beers (in color) due to the  use of wheat and Celtic sea salt. Celtic sea salt is naturally harvested in Brittany France through a 2,000 year old Celtic method. The salt has a greyish hue due to the natural layers of clay and sand lining the salt fields. Fieldwork buys their Celtic sea salt from this very region through San Francisco Salt Company. While the Celtic sea salt can be used to build immunity, increase energy, it is also an excellent component in Fieldwork’s beers.

Head brewer and co-founder Alex Tweet is a master at using a smorgasbord of natural ingredients creating a melodious combination of succulent beers. Amarillo and Centennial hops, grapefruit pith, wheat, and Celtic sea salt create a palatable beer, perfect for summer… a little bit hoppy, a little bit salty, a little bit juicy, and 100 percent heavenly. Make sure to grab your quintessential summer fruit IPA crowler before the last eight kegs kick. Enjoy 🙂

Fieldwork Brewing Crowlers
Fieldwork Brewing Co Crowlers

Historical Connection

Sea Farmer is a short story by San Francisco native Jack London. The Celtic Sea Salt in the Sea Farmer Sea Salt Grapefruit IPA is from the same region in which London’s protagonist Captain MacElrath sailed.

The eldest sons took the farms from their fathers; to the other sons remained the sea and its salt-ploughing.  So it was that Donald MacElrath, farmer’s son and farm-boy himself, had shifted from the soil he loved to the sea he hated and which it was his destiny to farm.

It was his vision and his dream, his Romance and Adventure, the goal of all his effort, the high reward for the salt-ploughing and the long, long furrows he ran up and down the whole world around in his farming of the sea.


“As always, well behaved adults, children and dogs are welcome” at the Fieldwork Brewing Co  taproom.

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