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The Weekly Buzz | November 25 – December 1

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

The delicious foods of Thanksgiving are behind us, and the darkness of Christmas shopping has enveloped us all. This week started out with three shopping holidays: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. What should I get my dad for Christmas? Does he already have a belt sander? I’m going to turn on my shower, curl up in the fetal position and wait for this all to blow over. You? You can pass your time with the beer news and shenanigans inside this edition of The Weekly Buzz.

Did you support your local brewery on Small Business Saturday?

Where’s my lab coat? SOMEBODY FIND MY LAB COAT!

He seems pretty satisfied with that beer.

Here’s a little education for all the aspiring craft brewers out there.

Hope this replaces the Hershey Kisses in my stocking.

Double education for you this week!

What’s your tree-decorating tradition?

Seems like the perfect place to shop!

This looks like the cover art of a fantasy novel…

How do you enjoy the end of your work day?

But it was such a good coma!

Mark your calendars, people!

This seems like the perfect place to enjoy a snow storm.

Water a tree, get a beer. This is environmentalism that I can get behind.

Well, I guess I’m quitting my job so I can go get some of this…

It’s no Douglas Fir, but it’s still a pretty great tree!

Break out your monocles and top hats, St. Louis! This could be the grandest of all openings!

That’s a lot of barrels… Get your tickets now!

For the nitro lovers in the house…



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