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The Weekly Buzz | May 26 – June 1

Weekly Buzz

There were lots of event announcements this week! In fact, there were so many that I am positive I missed some. Don’t fret, dear reader. Unless you’re some kind of maniac, there are enough events here to last you a few months. If you ARE some kind of maniac, I definitely want to party with you! The rest of you should sip a beer and gently prepare your liver for this edition of The Weekly Buzz.

Will there be capture the flag? What about capture the BEER?

 It’s definitely the best of the Girl Scout cookies.

It’s on Twitter, so it must be true!

Register now!

Did you remember to enter?

They know. They always know.

He’s lucky they didn’t bust out the guillotine!

These breweries remember the real reason for the long weekend.

This is how I feel anytime I’m at a brewery!

Philly Beer Week starts TODAY!


It’s always polite to RSVP.

This is a taco policy that I can get behind.

Mark your calendars!

It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Get your tickets now!

Anyone want to drive to Spokane?

They’ll be lined up down the block for this one!

SAVOR is this weekend, too?! I’m having heart palpitations!


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