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12 Beers of Christmas | Fremont Brewing Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb

Jan Wanot

ABV: 14.0% | IBU: 65

Fremont Brewing delivers another liquid giant to liven up another holiday season. Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb is the awesomely adjunct-ed, cooler and even more popular older cousin of Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Ale, Fremont’s flagship bourbon barrel aged beer. It can be found lounging around the MoonTower, slicking back it’s long golden waxy locks, and murmuring phrases like: “Alright, alright, alright.”

B-Bomb is routinely released for a limited time each winter at Fremont Brewing in Seattle. This year, Fremont released B-Bomb on December 10 and it was gone in roughly one full day. The lack of beer was not due to a lack of supply, but rather the clamoring that occurs each year for the B-Bomb release. By the time it was released, fans had all enjoyed a cool down, woo-sah session since Fremont’s release of the non-adjunct version of B-bomb occurred about two weeks earlier.

When there is a get-got situation that involves B-Bomb, you want to be the one doin’ the gotting. And now more of you can because Fremont distributes Cinnamon Coffee B-Bomb to their entire distribution network that includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the Denver Metro Area.

We did a three year vertical to confirm that the continuation of gold medal wax adorning the crown of each bottle had been there for a reason. It had.


2014 provided nutmeg, a slight acrid toffee, medium-plus carbonation, a pleasantly surprising amount of cinnamon and a hint of oxidation. The coffee must have quickly faded like your innocence after that one time at band camp, because I got none.

2015 is akin to walking into your childhood house on Christmas Eve and noticing grandma accidentally charring the figgy newtons after having three too many Hot Toddies. The alcohol here is quite present; Fremont went from about 11% ABV to 14%, year after year. The cinnamon is a powerhouse in the nose; it’s holding up fantastically well.

2016: This damn beer tastes like Howard Schultz kicking down the door of a Gingerbread house. You do see how large that Yeti has grown, don’t you? Yuuuuge cinnamon, and crisp-coffee bitterness balanced by a marshmellowy smooth mouthfeel and medium carbonation. 

Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb provides results. Time and time again, I find myself seeking out this golden treat. You’ll be glad you did as well.


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