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WoodGrain Brewing Company | English Breakfast Stout


ABV: 5.1% | IBU: 53

One of the best things about visiting my in-laws in the Midwest, besides enjoying all of their fresh from the farm veggies and napping in the most comfortable basement in the world, is having access to some incredible beers that never make their way to the East Coast. Thanks to a fellow beer lover who I’m pals with on Instagram (@hoppybrewhoppyblake), I was introduced to WoodGrain Brewing Company out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After sampling quite a few beers on its tap list, we settled on the English Breakfast Stout to take home — a beer my father-in-law consumed all 64 ounces of in impressive beer drinking fashion!

English Breakfast Stout

WoodGrain Brewing English Breakfast Stout

English Breakfast is a dry stout that is actually a second runnings beer containing the leftover sugars from the first mash of their Ebony Imperial Stout. This gives the English Breakfast a similar profile to the Ebony but with a lot less alcohol (5.1% ABV). This means you get the best of the Ebony Imperial Stout flavor in an enjoyable, easy drinking stout!

WoodGrain uses an English yeast and adds maple syrup to give it a slightly sweet taste. With its roasted coffee notes and that bit of sweetness on the front, English Breakfast is your quintessential breakfast beer. Too bad the growler was drained dry as soon as we returned from our beer travels. It would have been fantastic the next morning paired with some thick-cut French Toast!

This medium-bodied stout rounds out with a dry, slightly bitter finish with lingering roasted, malty notes. I was impressed with the beer, even with the little bit I was able to wrangle away from the father-in-law. And while I could keep tossing in more descriptive beer words to entice you to give it a try, I’m going to say the Cheshire shit grin that lit up his face as he took his last sip said it all. This beer is delicious!

Look for a Brewery Showcase coming up about WoodGrain Brewing Company later this week!

And if you give a visit and see Craig filling up his very own WoodGrain Brewing Company growler (his first!), say Hi! Cheers!

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