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Samuel Adams | Fresh As Helles

Samuel Adams Helles Lager

ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 18

Do you have a propensity to get a little fresh with blondes? If you do, go to Helles… Samuel Adams Fresh as Helles Lager, that is.

Ahh, the Munich classic provides familiar tastes that comforts one like a blanket on a cold winter’s night, and when the beer is constructed by a modern craft brewer there is the added bonus of exquisite quality and innovation. Sam Adams Fresh as Helles is that combination of classic comfort with a modern craft-beer spin.

The Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams, helped rescue American beer from its doldrums several decades ago. Like many craft brewers, the brewery awoke beer drinkers with robust flavors that had vanished from the beer found on supermarket shelves. Today, bountiful malts, high IBUs and robust coffee-stouts are no longer new or unique.

In America’s craft-brewing world, it’s not always about new, but it’s always about good.

The Sam Adams Fresh as Helles is light bodied, a bit frothy, a little sweet, slightly acidic, and enjoys a nice kiss of carbonation. The honey and orange play well together, sometimes allowing the piney hops to join the party. Rating sites galore will remark on a myriad of flavor notes  — people like to break down beer as if they are solving a crime, but don’t overthink this beer. Don’t.

The beauty of this beer is in its simplicity. Make no mistake, Fresh as Hells is not boring. It’s a classic beer done exceptionally well. Little sweet, little bubbly, and thirst-quenching.

Like a Michelin-starred chef that transforms simple dishes into mouth-watering delights, Fresh as Helles demonstrates a brewers ability to turn classic beer into one that arouses the senses.

Perfect for that transitional time between winter and spring. Fresh as Helles provides enough umph to counter the chill provided by stiff late winter breezes, but the beer is also light and crisp enough to accompany the increasingly bright sunshine and milder temperatures. Enjoy it with a burger, pizza, steak, or fish — the versatility of a Helles is part of its charm. The subtle orange notes offer drinkers some spring-zing without overpowering.

Is Fresh as Helles an out-of-the-box beer? No. But, when a classic beer is superbly crafted, there is no reason to leave the box.

Maybe that’s why Munich is all about traditional beer — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And maybe that’s also why the American craft beer movement is so successful — if it can be made very well, people tend to buy it. And we, as a beer community, are buying a lot of beer these days.

Make one of those a Sam’s Adams Fresh as Helles — you’ll be happy you did.


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