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HenHouse Brewing | IPA (Incredible Pale Ale)

HenHouse Brewing | IPA (Incredible Pale Ale)
Justin Carter

To HenHouse, their IPA means Incredible Pale Ale, to me their IPA means Intoxicating Pleasurable Awesomesauce.

Come into the dankness…

Pouring a hazy orange with thin white lace, this danky brew will sway you away from the juice bombs of the east. The label says to “Go into the Dankness, it’s what you want,” and you should listen. Give yourself to the classic bitter citrus and caramel bite, piney dank flavor, and a hint of tropical fruit. A nice hop burn ends this beautiful beer as it washes down your throat. Belma, Cascade, Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops make this brew delightfully tasty as well as one wild dance of aromas.


This seriously alluring IPA is fairly difficult to come by even in the San Francisco metro due to its extremely short shelf life. HenHouse insists that it is consumed within three weeks of canning, and the label even pressures you into drinking it as early as possible. “These cans are perishable and the beer expires in 21 days. Do not save, drink now. Like right now. Why are you still reading, you’re wasting time! Hop aromatics start to fade the moment this beer is packaged and heat speeds up the process. So stop warming up this can and drink the beer!” So check the date and drink fresh, IPAs are not to be aged.

To score some of this beer you’ll have to keep an eye on their Twitter and Instagram for release dates. Distribution is limited to Northern California so get ahold of your local trader and cross your fingers.

Santa Rosa’s HenHouse brewing has been cranking out delectable beers since 2011. Like them and many other breweries in Wine County, they have been tragically affected by the recent wildfires. To see what these breweries are doing for the community check out #SonomaPride.

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