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Commonwealth Brewing Company | Big Papi

Commonwealth Brewing Company | Big Papi

When traveling, it has become commonplace in our society for people to bring back souvenirs for friends and loved ones. It could be a shirt from a local professional team or a keychain with their name etched on it (which is a sore subject for someone who seemingly always struck out as a young kid when trying to find the one with my name on it). But for those closest to me, they know to expect some samples of local beer brewed in the town or city I was visiting.

I recently was in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area and knew I had to make a stop at Commonwealth Brewing Company. They had an impressive lineup of beers on tap, specifically their arsenal of IPAs. After enjoying a flight, I made sure to snag some cans to-go for my buddies back home, and myself of course, one of them being Big Papi.

Big Papi is a double IPA that clocks in at 8.0% ABV. It also is the big brother to another delicious IPA Commonwealth makes called Papi Chulo.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder

This beer catches your eye before you even crack the can and pour it into your glass. The artwork that Commonwealth thematically developed for their cans is stunningly vibrant. The colors flow and fuse in a blurred yet fluid way. And the ethos through the dreamy swirled color-specific artwork on the outside of the can it gives off pairs extremely well with the satisfying beer that lies within.

Once I was done spending a long (unashamedly I might add) amount of time awing over this artwork, I was equally fixated on the liquid that was flowing into my glass.

The beer gives off a bright, hazy golden hue with a head that laces the glass as you drink it. And the aroma opens your eyes wide from the initial smell. It comes off exceedingly tropical with grapefruit, pineapple and orange scents present.

I Love it When I’m Drinking Big Papi

Yes, this beer is juicy. Yes, it has a nice bitterness. But the shining part of this beer is the mouthfeel. Commonwealth hit it out of the park creating a creamy, silky smooth beer that holds its weight, but doesn’t seem too filling as you swish around mouthful after mouthful from the front of your tongue to the back of your molars. 

And as for that juiciness I mentioned, it packs a delicious punch of refreshing fruit flavors that tempts you to grab another swig before placing your glass back down on the coaster. The fruitiness from the hops resembles the aroma with strong impressions of orange, melon and grapefruit. The IBU is only at 61, but the bitterness becomes more noticeable as you drink it and blends well with the fruit-forward flavors. There is also an undertone of honey-sweetness present.

After enjoying the artisanship on the outside of the can as much as the beauty on the inside, Commonwealth will be well worth another road trip to the area. And obviously I will be stocked up with more souvenirs for everyone!

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