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The Weekly Buzz | July 27 – August 2

Weekly Buzz

Since we’re all gathered here around the Weekly Buzz hearth, allow Grandpappy Dan to spin a yarn about the good old days. A long time ago, fall seasonal beers — like pumpkin ales — used to be released in the fall, so that their warm spiciness and pumpkin sweetness could be enjoyed on cool autumn nights. Märzens (or Oktoberfests) would be released in September to coincide with Munich’s historic Oktoberfest festival, which runs from late September until early October. Much like the way certain big box chains stock bathing suits in February, these beers are releasing earlier and earlier. Does anyone really want to drink a Pumpkin Ale in July or August? I don’t believe that they do. Seasonality is a beautiful thing, but it is being lost as its lines are being blurred. If you don’t buy fall seasonals in August, they’ll stop releasing them in August.

Let’s make seasonal beers great again!

Happy Anniversary!

Did you taste any of this?

Check out a great documentary about PA beer!

Wanna go camping at a brewery?

Do you have what it takes?

I think the new venue will be worth the logistical headache!

I don’t understand a word of this…

Mine is smart enough to swear and capitalize!

Coming your way, Georgia!

Volunteers needed to sling some suds!

But… why would you want to?

How did you celebrate IPA Day?

Do you think running is fun?

I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed.

Is anyone else skeeved out by the word “cornhole”?

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