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pFriem | Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

pFriem | Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Stephanie Grant

pFriem (pronounced “reem”) Family Brewers is a German and Belgian-inspired brewery in Oregon, a location where breathtaking views of the mountain and rivers make you wonder why you haven’t moved to the Pacific Northwest. Josh Pfriem devoted his career to learning as much as he could about crafting delicious beer and, in 2012, he achieved his lifelong dream of opening an artisanal brewery in Hood River with partners Ken Whiteman and Rudy Kellner. Today, they have several award-winning beers pouring from their taps along with a well-earned, loyal following.


Unlike other breweries, pFriem foregoes punny names for a simplistic approach. Their line-up includes a hefeweizen called Hefeweizen, a juicy IPA called Juicy IPA and a Brut IPA, called (you guessed it) Brut IPA. In the pFriem’s pantheon of beers, each one falls into one of three categories: classic, select and barrel-aged. Classic beers honor the history of brewing; select brews possess a complex, but elegant taste profile. The barrel-aged series contains a range of ales and lagers aged for one to three years. This straightforward naming convention makes their beers very approachable for newbies and hardcore craft drinkers alike.

pFriem Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

pFriem’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is difficult to find outside of the Pacific Northwest, but if you happen to stumble upon it, don’t wait for a special occasion to crack open this elusive beer. One of the best ways to enjoy Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is to open it on a Friday evening when the week has successfully beaten you down and, instead of welcoming in the weekend, you want nothing more than to sink into the couch. This full-bodied imperial stout with notes of chocolate mousse, ripe cherries, coconut and bourbon makes the best company.

Plus, the couch is the perfect place for you to drink this award-winning brew because while it goes down smooth, there’s no denying the 11.5% ABV in your glass. The bourbon isn’t shy about showing its face but has an elegant and inviting way of wrapping around your tongue, leaving notes of char and sweet, tart cherries. Between the chocolate and cherry notes, the bourbon gently coats your palate. The presence of pFriem’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is strong. You won’t have any problem disappearing into the glass and forgetting the drama and stress of the week.

To coat your stomach, pair Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout with a slice of chocolate raspberry mousse cake to intensify the chocolate and coffee notes. For a savory pairing, braised short ribs with carrots and a side of creamy mashed potatoes taste fantastic alongside the char, roasted notes in this complex beer.

Feature image courtesy of pFriem Family Brewers.

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  1. Lee Meshew

    I love this article! It makes me want to drink this Bourbon Barrel Stout and I’m not a Beer Drinker! pFriem has a new fan thanks to Stephanie Grant…

    • @Lee Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it.

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