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Omnipollo | Quadruple Dry-Hopped Fatamorgana

Fatamorgana Sweden
Eric Griffin

Omnipollo is a based out of Sweden, and references itself not as a brewery, but as a creative camp. The name originates from the words omnipotence and the Spanish word for chicken, pollo. The definition of omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited, or great power. When combined with the awkward and uncoordinated “pollo,” you get the creative and chaotic (yet powerful) product that is Omnipollo.

Omnipollo was founded by brewer Henok Fentie and artist Karl Grandin in 2011 with the hope of changing the known perception of beer and what it could be. Anybody who is familiar with Omnipollo knows how crazy some of their beers are, both the recipe and the artwork. In addition, the beers that Omnipollo releases are always collaborative efforts with breweries all over the world. This keeps a constantly curious and tuned-in approach to everything they do.



Originally a very exclusive release, the original base recipe for the standard Fatamorgana Double IPA was a beer brewed with oats and wheat, and dry-hopped twice with Columbus, Centennial and Citra hops. Fentie drew inspiration from the rustic, crisp and “alluringly cloudy” characteristics of the Saison style, and the result became an instant favorite. The word fatamorgana derives from the Italian phrase “fata morgana,” a complex form of mirage that is seen in a narrow band right above the horizon. With that definition in mind, you begin to see the clear artistic inspiration in the beer’s paired artwork as well.

The Beer


This showcase features the quadruple dry-hopped version of Fatamorgana, which is the same base recipe but with twice the dry-hopping than usual. The result is something you might want to check out.

The pour on this is a deep, hazy golden yellow, with creamy gobs of white head that lace heavily around the glass as the foam settles into the beer.

Initially, the nose is full of strong notes of tropical pineapple and citrus aromas. Quickly following behind are grapefruit peel and dank, piney hops that work to balance the initial sweetness from the tropical fruit. Throughout is a distinctly boozy aroma, strong but not overwhelming.

Similar to the nose, the palate is full of pineapple. Following closely is a hoppier flavor that contrasts the aromas well. Its boozy character matches the nose, with pithy hops and citrus subtleties making for a diverse and pleasant flavor profile.

The mouthfeel on this is smooth and full-bodied. Creamy and sticky in the finish; warm as it goes down. Like with the regular Fatamorgana, the ABV is 8%, however the QDH is distinctly boozier than the ABV reflects.

Omnipollo always seems to have something new and exciting in store. This beer is no different, and very well may be worth getting your hands on.

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