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Old Nation Brewing | Electron Brown

Old Nation Brewing | Electron Brown
Danny King

Last weekend, autumn finally arrived in Michigan in the form of perfect murder mystery type of weather. So, I spent the weekend at the lake calculating the final touches on my plan to do away with my meddling spouse while taking in the gentle stillness of nature. Uh, I mean, um, transitioning from summer to fall beers. Michigan has a glut of great beers and the authentic experience of all four seasons. Thus, we truly have great pairings for every season.

I first got into Old Nation Brewing Electron Brown Espresso Bean Double Brown Ale at a cheese & beer tasting at the incomparable Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. While I couldn’t accurately describe the cheese, Old Nation’s double brown ale certainly made an impact. Enough so that I scrounged around for it the moment October hit.

ABV: 8.1% | IBU: 25

Electron Brown, like an espresso bean, is opaque and so brown it might as well be black. It pours with a big dark beige head and smells like an absolute bomb of coffee. If you walked into a coffee shop at 11 am when they’re finally winding down after cranking out coffee for six hours, that’s roughly the same smell.

On the first sip, Electron brown has a predominantly velvety texture. It hits the tip of your tongue with a super dark chocolate note. The sweetness sticks to the forefront while the coffee tones slowly fill in the background; the end effect is similar to tiramisu. Likewise, for a double brown, it’s a light taste that isn’t going to bog you down. Old Nation is more well known for their IPAs, especially the zealotry-inspiring M-43. However, Electron Brown is a departure for their canned offerings, and a welcome one.

Whether taking in the changing of the leaves, organizing your flannels and sweaters, or steeling yourself to play your part correctly under police examination after your husband’s “unfortunate¬† accident,” Electron Brown is a cozy-sweet brown to snuggle your way into autumn.


I may or may have spent too much time reading and watching murder stories to the point it’s infected my daily language and rotted my brain.

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