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Bluejacket | Mexican Radio

Bluejacket | Mexican Radio
Stephanie Ward

What do you think of when you think about the D.C. beer scene?  The answer may be drastically different for everybody based on their tenure in our Nation’s Capitol. You see, it wasn’t until 2009 that DC gained a true brewery since the last one closed in 1956. That’s one BIG gap in time.  

So for those that have resided in the District for a while, you may think about your favorite brewpubs when you think about the D.C. beer scene. If you’re a D.C. beer fan, it’s likely you’re also a fan of Churchkey. So it’s not surprising to know that the mastermind behind Churchkey’s incredible selection, Greg Engert, fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams when he opened a brewery right by Nats Park in 2013. Since then, Bluejacket has grown to represent one of DC’s best craft breweries.

At Bluejacket, one of the beers that they’ve rotated in and out of the draft list for years is back for a well-deserved return airing. Cue Mexican Radio. Per our friends at Bluejacket, Mexican Radio is a rich and silky sweet Stout brewed with oats & milk sugar, then finished with massive amounts of vanilla beans, ancho chili peppers, cinnamon sticks and cacao nibs. If you’ve enjoyed Prairie Bomb before and had it blow your mind, then think of this as Prairie Bomb’s younger brother who decided to get into mom’s spice cabinet and whip out some cinnamon. Mexican Radio doesn’t quite have the age on him but he’s mature in his own right. The aroma is magnificent and once it hits your lips you can’t help but smile at its smoothness. The hints of cinnamon and the not so subtle kick at the end makes this one you look forward to every gosh darn time. 

Thanks for listening and tuning in to Mexican Radio today.

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