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56 Brewing | ‘Ssippi Squeeze IPA

56 Brewing | ‘Ssippi Squeeze IPA
Jack Bateman

With the warm summer months coming up, it’s time to take a closer look at a light, refreshing, citrusy IPA that is readily available in the Twin Cities for those long days on the lake. The IPA in question? ‘Ssippi Squeeze IPA from 56 Brewing.

Photo Courtesy of @jacksgothops on Instagram

56 Brewing out of Northeast Minneapolis has been making this beer from day one, and there’s a reason it has stuck around. It has everything you want from a good Hazy IPA and can absolutely play with the big dogs. It doesn’t seem to get the same recognition as other flagship Hazy IPAs in the Minnesota market, but it’s time to change that. Let’s dive in.

The Specs

‘Ssippi Squeeze is an IPA hopped with Citra and Mosaic, the dynamic duo of hop combos. It clocks in at 6% ABV and 45 IBU. The can reads:

“It’s your main squeeze: hazy, golden & dry-hopped with citra & mosaic hops.”

The Look

Pouring it up, it is a deep golden color, skewing towards being slightly orange. It is hazy, but still semi-transparent. There was a small amount of head that dissipated quickly.

The Smell

Most prominent on the nose is a citrusy character, a lot like lemon peel and candied orange. Then that citrus transforms into a floral note reminiscent of citronella. At the very end is just the smallest hint of ripe pineapple to round it out.

The Taste

The initial taste is tart pink grapefruit, with a smooth bitterness like grapefruit zest. In the background is a slight pineapple sweetness that complements the citrusy fruitiness, along with a fresh grassy dank character. The finish is very dry, with a small biscuit taste from the malt. With this beer being pretty low in perceived bitterness, that tiny bit of sweetness balances it quite well.

The Feel

The body of this beer is light, and it sits light as well with its modest ABV. The carbonation is on the lower end, consisting of tiny bubbles, which give it a smooth and pillowy texture on the swallow.

All in all, this is a fruity, juicy, light IPA that isn’t going to fill you up, and you will always be able to find it at the store. On top of that, it will only run you $12 for a four-pack. You may just have to pick up two.

Now go, crush this beer all summer, and give it the clout it deserves. Cheers!

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