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Indeed Brewing Company | Pils

February 12, 2021 |

One of the most admirable characteristics of the brewing industry is the constant pursuit of perfection. The art of rebuilding or tweaking/fine-tuning classic worldly or new and innovative recipes is an art — an art the industry does well. In Minneapolis, there’s not a better example of this process than Indeed Brewing Company’s Pils.

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Bent Paddle Brewing Co. | Venture Pils

September 2, 2020 |

Adventure comes in different forms during the current state of the world, and achieving an outdoor reprieve has become all the more essential for the soul. For Minnesotans, Wisconsinites or those up for a road trip, the North Shore of Lake Superior provides an ideal location for fresh air and safe, socially distanced adventure. Located at the base of the North Shore in Duluth, Minnesota, Bent Paddle Brewing Co. (BPBC) supplies great beer to pair with an upcoming trek up the North Shore – maybe none more fitting than the brewery’s Venture Pils.

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Schlafly Marks the Return of One of its Originals

August 28, 2017 |

I’ve always been intrigued by pilsners. I feel this category of beer has sort of gotten the shaft. Like its first cousin, the lagers, pilsners may be suffering from a case of mistaken identity. As the population of beer lovers continues to embrace the art of craft brewing, it is this writer’s belief that lagers and pilsners are often incorrectly linked to macro breweries, especially in St. Louis, the city that Budweiser built. Read More

Elevation Beer Company | Elevation Pilsner

August 22, 2017 |

Created for celebration—that’s the genesis of Elevation Pilsner. And it shows. It may not seem like the reason for creating a beer would make a difference in the taste, but somehow it does. It’s a light gold, thirst-quenching beer with surprising bursts of fruity (is that honeysuckle?) and earthy flavors. With an IBU level of 40, it’s more of a happy beer than a hoppy one. And that’s alright with me.

Elevation Beer Company opened their doors in Poncha Springs (“Crossroads of the Rockies”) in Chaffee County, Colorado in 2012. When it found itself doing very well indeed four years later, the brewers said, “Hey, let’s celebrate!” For brewers, the height of celebration is getting really creative by unleashing their considerable chemist and artist skills.

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Coney Island Brewing Company | Mermaid Pilsner

July 27, 2015 |

There are few New York cultural institutions that have survived the Disneyfication of the city better then Coney Island. The injection of the money has created some updated facilities and relatively cleaner beaches, the classic Coney Island experience is still available for those willing to take the long train ride down to the bottom of Brooklyn. Whether you are looking to take advantage of the sun and swimming, gorge yourself on every carnival-type fare available, or scream your head off on roller coasters old and new, Coney Island has it all. Coney Island Brewing company has captured all of these into a nice little pilsner perfect for the summer that celebrates the emblem of the area’s greatest parade, Mermaid Pilsner.

The Beauty, Poise, and Grace of one of the illusive Coney Island Mermaid
The Beauty, Poise, and Grace of one of the illusive Coney Island Mermaids

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Roundtable Discussion: Favorite Summer Activities and the Beers that Accompany Them

June 12, 2013 |

As summer weekdays become packed with after work things to do and begin to seem more like weekends, we wanted to know what our staff’s favorite summer activities are…and what are the perfect beers to serve as companion to said activity.

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