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Bent Paddle Brewing Co. | Venture Pils

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. | Venture Pils
Max Sundermeyer

Adventure comes in different forms during the current state of the world, and achieving an outdoor reprieve has become all the more essential for the soul. For Minnesotans, Wisconsinites or those up for a road trip, the North Shore of Lake Superior provides an ideal location for fresh air and safe, socially distanced adventure. Located at the base of the North Shore in Duluth, Minnesota, Bent Paddle Brewing Co. (BPBC) supplies great beer to pair with an upcoming trek up the North Shore – maybe none more fitting than the brewery’s Venture Pils.

A flagship, Venture Pils is a German-style Pilsner brewed with traditional European Saaz hops and its North American counterpart, Sterling hops. The hop varieties represent BPBC’s goal to brew a Pilsner with classic European flavors with a hint of North American inventiveness. The varieties also provide a nice floral aroma to the beer.

Photo Courtesy of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

ABV: 5.0% | IBU 38

Venture Pils pours a light golden/straw color with a classic white head of foam. Like its look, the flavor of Venture Pils resembles that of a classic Pilsner with bready/crackery flavors up front, followed by a crisp finish.

What separates Venture Pils from its Pilsner counterparts in the market is something distinct to breweries on the North Shore — Lake Superior water. With such an amazing resource, BPBC brews all of their beers with Lake Superior water. The brewery gives credit to the soft lake water for giving their creations a more gentle mouthfeel.

Outdoor adventure can be used to help heal the soul. That is more needed than ever this year. If someday, your adventures take you to the Midwest, Lake Superior provides a location and the beer to help that process.

Feature Image Courtesy of Bent Paddle Brewing Co. 

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