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Stone Brewing Co. – Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Stone Brewing Co. – Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA
Cody Vandenburg

Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA – Stone Brewery, Escondido, CA

ABV: 10.8%

IBU: 110

Credit: Stone Brewing Co.

As the name states, this beer will ruin you.

However, this is the first beer that I have taken the time to really review. So, like drinking this beer, I am going to take my sweet time and help you soak it all in.

In June 2002, brewers at Stone Brewery were working tirelessly on a beer that they thought would pay homage to the almighty hop. Something that the hop gods would accept as a proper offering. That beer would be known as Ruination IPA. Back then, before beer culture is what we see today, there weren’t many bitter, hoppy beers flowing from taps. Stone had successfully produced the first double IPA to be bottled, served and distributed full time. This success has lasted ten solid years.

In the present-day craft beer landscape, the good people at Stone Brewing decided to reinvent this old recipe for a limited edition, 10-year anniversary IPA. What better way to celebrate the milestone than by making the brew bigger and meaner then ever: increase the ABV from 7.7% to 10.8% and double the amount of hops.

***Disclaimer: If you are not a hop head, I recommend dabbling in the weaker IPAs before trying this beer.

When first poured into a glass, there is nothing suspicious. Just a normal golden color that reminds me of very extremely dehydrated piss. The smell is the first indication that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. For anyone who has ever just dumped his or her head in a barrel of hops, this comes close. Its the most hoppy IPA that has ever penetrated my nostrils.

As far as taste is concerned, if there is ever a beer that can literally kick you in the face, this one is it. Along with an extraordinary amount of hops in the taste, I picked up a subtle, almost flowery taste. It calms me to think there is some peace in the hoppy devastation happening in my mouth.

Please, I warn you to take small sips, anything more can result in total loss of the palate.  If you are going to enjoy the rest of this bottle of beer, be modest. If you like hops, and I mean really love them, then this beer is for you.

Everyone else can get lost.

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