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Shades Of Pale Brewing | Misdirected IPA

Shades Of Pale Brewing | Misdirected IPA

4% ABV- Session

If a bottle had a label that said ‘Beer’, would you be interested? We think some people might be, just because trying to ‘not to be cool’ seems to be a form of ‘cool’ these days. It is just as likely in the beer world if there isn’t something interesting on the label, it might not hit the table. These days, label art has been taken to a new level, which proves the unconditional love many brewers have with their liquid gold.

“Beer label art reminds me of my youth and musicians putting great care in their album work. The music was great and combining that with unique images and lyrics on the album, it gave you unforgettable moments.” – Chris

We have been enjoying the craft beer version of this for awhile now; obsessing over beer after beer based primarily on label art and the frequency which Instagrammers post it. So, what is the best way to introduce something new? Shades of Pale Brewing, based in Salt Lake City, has maintained a solid cult following in the local beer scene and isn’t a stranger to pushing buttons in defense of something they believe in – and seem to have figured out a great way to do it! The Devil embracing a hop? In Utah, this seems downright evil. **Introducing Misdirected IPA**  Alright, maybe the Devil has lost some of his evil factor over the years; maybe Misdirected isn’t as scary as listening to Black Sabbath’s debut album while fixating over the album cover in the 70’s & 80’s, however there is something to be said for ushering in change – this way, in this town.

Photo Credit: Chris Mistrata @mreyez1
Photo Credit: Chris Mistrata @mreyez1 – Instagram

Misdirected IPA flows toasty caramel with a thin, pure white lather that swiftly draws back into the cold brew. Pulling off hops with a nice, bitter citrus bite which closes in a sweet instant, it makes a perfect launching pad for a soon-to-be higher ABV twin.

We had a chance to hang with Head Brewmaster, Trent Fargher, who said he wants to make beers you can drink more than one of. Until recently, Shades of Pale has brewed exclusively 4% beers. Misdirected IPA is serving as a bridge between the past and future. They just released the big brother to Misdirected under the label, ‘Beer X’ IPA at 6% –  we may be able to drink more than one, but with those higher ABV’s, we might just throw on Iron Maiden’s, Number of the Beast and share it with a friend. Either way, snag one (or several) if you have the chance!


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