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The Unknown Brewing Co. | Bright Ass Tank Top Gose

Bright Ass Tank Top Key Lime Barrel Aged Gose
Johnathan Pylant

In another week, The Unknown Brewing Co. is shipping Bright Ass Tank Top to distributors. I can’t help but think this 4.1% ABV Key lime gose is an ode to the fleeting summer. In a preemptive response to the question of “what’s with the name?”, Andrea Glagow, marketing manager for The Unknown Brewing Co., wrote “… no reason. It’s the end of summer. Rock it until the end. Sun’s out, Gun’s out.”

The Unknown Brewing Company is known for not following the status quo. Instead, Brad Shell, head brewer, and his band of misfits prefer to explore, well… the unknown. I mean, it’s in the name! While other breweries are pushing out increasingly early shipments of pumpkin ales, Märzens and Oktoberfests, The Unknown Brewing Co. has brewed up a splendidly unique summer beer in what some might consider an attempt to embrace and hold on to the last few weeks of Summer. And, we dig it!

Bright Ass Tank Top (yes – I am going to use that name as much as possible because I still like dinosaurs and giggle when people say “butt”) was actually conceived before the summer heat hit its peak here in the southeast. Earlier this year, Shell got his hands on some 15 year old Nicaraguan rum barrels and was suddenly inspired to age a gose in them. “When I smelled these barrels I instantly thought of relaxing on a beach in the sun with something refreshing and light,” Shell commented before being lost further to his imagination, “and I also thought about being a pirate but sometimes my mind wanders.” After some deliberation, Shell decided to blend Key limes and sea salt into the gose before aging his pirate grog for three months in the rum barrels.

Unknown Brewing Co. Bright Ass Tank Top Gose
Photo Courtesy Unknown Brewing Co.

I poured Bright Ass Tank Top into my glass and discovered a dark, golden-colored gose with a slight haze and a modest head. The rum barrels punched me in the nose when I pulled it close for a sip. I found myself checking that I wasn’t holding a glass of Appleton dark rum. Fellow PorchDrinker, Devin Caster, exclaimed “Jack Sparrow comes out swingin’ on this one!” The rum’s telltale scent overpowers any of the acidic or fruity aromas you might expect.

In contrast, Bright Ass Tank Top’s flavor is far less intimidating. It has a familiar tart flavor, like any other gose, but features the freshly sliced Key limes very, very well. The rum is not overpowering, in fact it’s not really noticeable at all in the taste. That said, the rum does bring a creamy soft touch to the flavor that reminded me of a slice of Key lime pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

You can expect Bright Ass Tank Top to be available in 16 oz. 4pks in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia in the coming weeks. Too excited to wait? Bright Ass Tank Top has been available at the Charlotte, North Carolina brewery since September 3rd. I don’t expect this to last on shelves very long, so keep your eyes peeled for this delicious slice of summer.

Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown with The Unknown Brewing Company!

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