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Pipeworks Brewing Co. | Passion Fruit Guppy

Pipeworks Brewing Co. | Passion Fruit Guppy
Mike Zoller

Once known for bombers of big IPAs and the Abduction series, Pipeworks Brewing Co. has changed quite a bit over the past few years. The variety of beers coming out of the brewery in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood have increased not just in volume, but styles. Its session IPAs have become quite popular and Passion Fruit Guppy is the latest to be available in cans.

Many of Pipeworks’ beers start as draft only and eventually make their way onto the canning line. While the Fish Series for the brewery features big IPAs, usually comprised of honey and a variety of other fruits in bombers, the Guppy series is made up of session IPAs and smaller formats.

Mango Guppy emerged as the first in the young, but growing Guppy series. Passion Fruit followed and continued the trend with honey as the base flavor but then added passion fruit and a heavy dose of citra hops for a fruity and crisp beer. At 4.6% ABV it’s light enough to enjoy multiples, or have just one and still be able to operate normally.

The aroma smacks you in the face with fresh tropical fruit and the sweetness of the honey. On the pour you’ll get a slightly hazy golden color that left some slight lacing around the glass.

While Mango Guppy was more of a balanced blend of honey and mangos, passion fruit is the star of this beer. Paired with honey, the brewery does a good job of keeping the beer from being overly sweet, while still showcasing the fruit as the main ingredient. On the first sip you’ll easily be able to identify each of the ingredients. There are other tropical fruits that lay in the background of the beer while the passion fruit and honey come to the forefront. 

If you’re looking for a more hoppy, bitter IPA, I’d recommend sticking with year-round beers such as Ninja vs. Unicorn or anything from the Fish Series. As the weather starts to turn cooler, it might be time to break out more stouts and barrel-aged beers, but I had Passion Fruit Guppy on a nice fall day and hope that this beer will be available all year.

It’s pretty incredible to watch Pipeworks continue to grow in their new space. The brewery’s barrel-aging program has continued to expand and there’s seemingly no style of beer they won’t try to make. When you’re in Chicago, a beer from Pipeworks is a must try. It’s pretty easy to find it on draft and it’s commonly available at any bottle shop or grocery store.

Editor note: We had hoped to publish this story earlier, but several news stories and Thanksgiving complicated the schedule. Regardless, the beer remains available at the “Dojo” (4 packs), and the review provides insight into the overall brewing trends at Pipeworks — an ever-expanding portfolio, to say the least. 


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