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The PorchCast Ep 56 | Novel Strand Brewing

Porchcast Podcast

The PorchCast team of Tristan, Sam and Sami gathered to bring you a Thanksgiving treat. For episode 56 of the PorchCast, they spoke with Novel Strand Brewing co-founders, Tamir Danon and Chantel Columna, who were sadly without their third co-founder Ayana Coker, to talk about their brewery/coffee shop, their unique approach toward beer and community, as well as some more controversial views on Instagram culture, flight boards and Untappd.

The Novel Strand team also discussed how integral the Denver beer community has been in supporting their opening from friends like Call to Arms Brewing to Our Mutual Friend Brewing, Bierstadt Lagerhaus and more. And also previewed their upcoming beer dinner with Goed Zuur and coffee event with Queen City Coffee.

Novel Strand Brewing Tamir Danon
Photo by Justin Graziano, BeerBreath Co

Perfect for Thanksgiving a time of bringing folks together, this episode dives deep into the theme of community touching on what Sierra Nevada is doing to support those impacted by the wildfires in California, and the idea of beer bringing people together.

Special thanks to our show sponsor First Draft Taproom and Kitchen, located at 1309 26th Street in Denver, CO. As well as Brooklyn Brewery and Founders Brewing, who have both launched with full distribution throughout Colorado.

Thanks to Made by Chalk for supporting the show and providing web and branding services for national and local breweries alike. And to Denver band, Bud Bronson & the Good Timers for allowing the use of their song, Denver Rock City, for our opening and closing themes.

Like what you’re hearing and want to support The PorchCast? We are looking for new sponsors to join the PorchCast family. If you are interested in sponsoring the show please reach out to tristan {at} porchdrinking {dot} com!

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