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Pop Culture

Pop Culture Week in Review 1/26 – 2/1

February 1, 2013 | 1

Let me start by stating this for the record: J.J. Abrams is a fantastic choice to direct Star Wars VII. I know, it’s “old” news by now, but come on. Freaking J.J. Abrams! Directing a script written by an Oscar winner, supervised by Lawrence Kasdan (the guy who wrote Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi)! How is this NOT the only pop culture happening that matters?!

Because it happened five days ago, and wonton crowds of shameful hooligans have already begun droning, “Ugh. Move oonn already! Star Wars, Shmar Shmwars!”  Well, luckily for you, vermin, there’s pop culture freshness to be had.

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Super Bowl Commercials Bingo

January 31, 2013 |

Be sure to check out our updated bingo boards for this year’s big game between the Broncos and the Seahawks!

Earlier this week, Mike Zoller brought you downloadable bingo cards for the big game. However, if you aren’t really into football, chances are you’ll still be watching the Super Bowl, if only for the commercials. A lot of companies have already released info about their planned ad campaigns, and we’ve used that info along with trends from previous years to piece together a second set of bingo cards for this Sunday.

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Call The Locksmith!

January 26, 2013 |

If you ever want to unlock your smartphone, you have mere hours left to do it. Effective today—Saturday, January 26, unlocking your smartphone in the US will be illegal. Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review 1/19-1/25

January 25, 2013 | 1

Look, a lot of things happened this week.  I know what you guys really want to talk about, but we really have to address some things first.  Important things.  Like Doctor Who important.

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A Netflix Addict’s Cry for Help

January 24, 2013 | 6

I am writing this piece at my computer during one of the rare free moments when I’m not consuming media. About four and a half years ago, while sitting in my freshman college dorm’s common area, I heard someone mention Two years ago, my cousin bought me a trial of something called Netflix.

Since discovering these (and other) ways to enjoy movies and TV, they’ve become a huge part of my life.

And I’m not sure whether that’s a great thing.
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Pop Culture Week in Review 1/11-1/18

January 18, 2013 |

So I’m sure you are either tired of hearing about the Golden Globes or forgot they happened already.

But bear with me whilst I do a brief recap told mostly in video and picture form.  There weren’t any really horrible moments that didn’t involve Anne Hathaway or Claire Danes, so I’ll just run you through my favorites/first five I could think of. Read More

Awesomesauce – StumbleUpon

January 17, 2013 |

StumbleUpon is an extension for most web browsers that allows you to discover some of the coolest sites you’ve never heard.  Billed as a “discovery engine,” StumbleUpon’s goal is to find amazing content on the internet that you’ll love.  How, you ask? Read More

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience and More

January 13, 2013 | 8

UPDATE* It was announced last night that JT will in fact be releasing a new album titled The 20/20 Experience, which is being produced by Timbaland.  To hear the just released single Suit & Tie featuring Jay-Z check out this post from Hip Hop n More.

Attention world. Justin Timberlake is ready. And now we wait.  The music world, no, the entirety of the internet, nay all of humanity came to a screeching halt Thursday morning when JT dropped a little nugget via Twitter, which hinted at his potential return to music.  In a video titled “I’m Ready”, the 21st century renaissance man agonizes that music means more to him than anyone else in the world, that he is obsessive over his craft, and general that he wouldn’t be proud to just put anything out, that you have to wait for it.  The dramatic voice over culminates with a solitary shot of our hero in a music studio announcing to the world “I’m Ready”.  While this doesn’t overtly indicate that a new album is nearby, one can assume what the world has been waiting for… Justin Timberlake is returning to music.

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Golden Globes Live Blog

January 13, 2013 | 6

Hey there folks! Join us tonight as we live blog the Golden Globes!  We’ll be joined by our PorchDrinking Pop Culture team who will bring the hilarity and snark! Blog starts at 8 Eastern on THIS thread.  Feel free to add your comments in the comments section. Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review 1/5-1/12

January 12, 2013 |

This week, nominations came spilling into and over our collective consciousness for every film and television show we wanted-to-but-didn’t-get-the-chance to see.  But for all of the Hollywood hoopla, leave it to Piers Morgan and CNN to finally get the most of our attention.  In an interview with radio sensation Alex Jones, Piers sought what many journalists have since the shooting sprees of late: debate about gun control.  Instead, he got screamed at, mocked, threatened, and flabbergasted by a certifiable lunatic seeking to deport him.  OoOoOoOoooo!  Entertainment!

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Oscar Nomination Predictions (UPDATED!)

January 9, 2013 |

In perhaps my least snarky PorchDrinking article to date, I’m going to take some shots in the dark and guess who will be nominated for the Academy Awards. PD is looking forward to bringing you some great Oscars coverage, but here now is one guy telling you what he thinks (and hopefully having something to brag about once nominees are announced tomorrow). I’ve marked movies I’ve seen with ***asterisks***, so you can know I’m not full of it. Watch nominations come out, then keep coming back to for more Oscars coverage from our team of amateur pop-culture experts.

UPDATE: Oscar nominations were announced this morning (Thursday). A few surprises, especially in the directing category. I’ve added some additional commentary, partly in the interest of giving you the most information possible, and partly because I’m proud of how close I was in a lot of cases.

Below, I’ve bolded the predictions that were accurate.
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A Shameless Plea: Watch Cougar Town

January 8, 2013 | 1

I love Cougar Town.  Please hear me out.  I know, the title sucks.  No one is arguing that.  But other than the shit title, what do you really know about the show?  You might say, “Well, its about cougars.”  This is the point where steam comes out of my ears, I slap you in the face with a fish and yell, “NO ITS NOT YOU STUPID FACE. YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING.” Then I apologize and get you the alcoholic beverage of your choice.

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Pop Culture Week In Review – Welcome to 2013!

January 4, 2013 | 3

Hope you all had a healthy, happy, fun New Year’s Eve! The world of entertainment certainly did. Here are some of the highlights for our last 2012 pop culture week in review. Enjoy, and we hope to see a lot more of you in 2013!

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Awesomesauce- BadLipReading

January 3, 2013 |

Move over Gossip Girl, there’s a new queen bee in town.

While Gossip Girl can be cutting, BadLipReading never fails to elicit a laugh.  The YouTube account’s owner has released a series of videos that embarrass politicians, musicians, and the occasional movie star in equal measure.  The anonymous creator takes video clips from the internet, television, and movies and overdubs the dialogue or lyrics to comic effect. Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review 12/21-12/28

December 28, 2012 |

The end of the year is my least favorite time for pop culture.  TV shows go on hiatus.  News outlets are only doing their “Best Of’s” and not reporting any news.  Though unless you count what Demi Lovato is getting her mom for Christmas as ‘news,’ there really isn’t anything to report as people are spending time with their stupid families instead of working.  The only good thing to come out of all this is the movies released on Christmas Day.  But you can really only see one on Christmas.  So then you get a huge backlog of movies you have to see and spend $13 per ticket (in New York- I hear there are magical places that charge less than $10 for a movie ticket but I don’t believe they exist) to see. But you can’t really afford to see them because you just dropped a ton of cash on DVD box sets for the whole family.  Hang on, I need a cookie.
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Saul vs. Saul | A Matchup Between Fan Favorites on Homeland and Breaking Bad

December 27, 2012 |

If you’re not watching Homeland, shame on you. If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, shame on you. These are two of the BEST shows on television right now—so good that even as they get more and more insane and less and less believable, I still find myself more addicted with every episode. Read More

Celebrity Christmas Wish Lists

December 24, 2012 |

My buddy Santa hooked me up with a look at some of the letters he received from celebrities this year. Let’s see what was on their celebrity Christmas wish lists this year!

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How To Celebrate Festivus

December 23, 2012 | 5

With each passing holiday, it seems more and more like American consumerism knows no bounds. Every superstore begins their holiday-hyping months in advance, and the majority of American consumers spend exuberant amounts of cash fulfilling every advertised need. From thousands of Christmas lights perfectly choreographed, to beating your neighbors bloody for the last honey-glazed ham, it would seem Americans love spending money on holidays almost as much as businesses love exploiting them. The mere opportunity of Black Friday deals turn regular people into riotous mobs, with incidents of trampling becoming commonplace each year. But it was in a similar moment of impassioned consumerism when Frank Costanza, after raining blows upon a rival buyer, realized there had to be another way. Soon after, Festivus was born. “Festivus for the rest of us!”

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Terms of Servicepocalypse- Instagram Edition

December 23, 2012 |

A week ago, we took a closer look at Facebook’s proposed changes to their terms of service.  This week we’ll examine a similar story- Facebook is now ruining Instagram too! Read More

Pop-Culture Week In Review: 12/16 – 12/23

December 23, 2012 |

Yes, this post is later than you’re used to.  What did you expect?  THE WORLD WAS SUPPOSED TO END.  Did you think I would spend my final hours hunched over a computer, slaving away with research and delicate prose to deliver you the best pop-culture bits of the week?

….well, I did anyway.  You know, just in case.

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