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The Weekly Buzz | October 20 – 26

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re completely and totally scatterbrained? I am having one right now. I can’t believe I even managed to pull together this modest collection of social media nonsense. It just goes to show that you can complete any task if you procrastinate until the last possible second and then scroll through Twitter at a frantic pace. So, in honor of my half-assery – which may or may not be a word – let’s raise a glass and dive into The Weekly Buzz.

That’s one hell of a vertical!

Is teamwork the wave of the future?

What’s your opinion on transparency in beer labeling?

I wish I could still party like a 28-year-old…

Just one of the many breweries who are helping the victims of wildfires.

In Germany they drink Glühwein. I prefer DC’s approach to holiday festivals.

They don’t need their production facility to brew great beer. A patio will do.

Great work keeping that river beautiful!

Want to work in a brand new taproom?

Would it be more like Epcot Center or Busch Gardens? I vote for Epcot.

My Jack-O-Lanterns look like they were carved by a 4-year-old…

I agree 100%.

Just in case you’re one of “those people” who puts their dog in a costume.

That’s one hell of a head count!

Want to work in a craft brewery?

It’s gonna be EXTREME!!!

I studied abroad in Germany for 3 semesters, and beer definitely makes foreign languages easier.

Finally! A form of fishing I’m good at!

You can adopt dogs AND beers!

Just in case you don’t have any Halloween plans.

That’s one hell of a thank you gift!

This looks like straight-up raspberry puree, and I want it.

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