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Fretboard Brewing | Klosterman Honey Wheat Lager

Fretboard Klosterman Honey Wheat Lager

Bread and beer have some very obvious connections. Which means there’s always plenty of breweries using bread as a clever ingredient or naming convention. And that is exactly what is happening in Cincinnati, Ohio, with Fretboard Brewing and Klosterman Baking Co.

Klosterman is a local bread producer in Cincinnati that services Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. They’ve been making high-quality products for over 100 years and are a brand locals love and trust. So partnering up with Fretboard Brewing for a beer was bound to get a lot of attention.

Klosterman Honey Wheat Lager isn’t the first collaboration between these two, either. These two brands made the Klosterman Rye Bier last fall, which was based on the flavors from rye bread. This beer was so successful that they had to give it another try.

Klosterman Honey Wheat Lager

Klosterman Honey Wheat Lager

This time, they’ve focused on mimicking the flavor of Klosterman’s Rich ‘n Good line of products. These buns have a touch of honey to add a bit of sweetness to their already tasty bread. And that is exactly what they’ve done with the beer. This lager uses local honey from Don Popp’s Honey Farm in Hamilton, Ohio.

Collaborations are common in craft beer and tend to get pretty popular. Fretboard Brewing is embracing and elevating the concept of collaboration by partnering with a local brand that’s easily one of the most recognizable in the area. This beer celebrates community while providing the flavors that perfectly match the summer season.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that the Klosterman Honey Wheat Lager pairs perfectly with a cheeseburger on a Rich ‘n Good Honey Hamburger Bun. There’s nothing more summer than burgers and beer. The only question left is, what will these two brands develop next?

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