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Silver City Brewery | Tropic Haze IPA

Silver City Brewery | Tropic Haze IPA
Hannah Carlson

Photo by Silver City Brewery

Well folks, Silver City Brewery has done it again. After a busy 2016 celebrating their 20th anniversary, the Bremerton-based brewery isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, instead releasing a new year-round beer onto the market: The Tropic Haze IPA. This juicy brew hits it out of the park – playing into the “haze craze” that is sweeping the nation while also maintaining an element of mystery and allure for the drinker due to a certain, classified ingredient.

The beer, a passion project for the entire Silver City team, doesn’t cut a single corner when it comes to execution. While some brewers create their hazy IPAs by adding in flower, or leaving alarming amounts of yeast in suspension to create the murky, orange juice-like appearance, Silver City does it by the books. This brew’s foggy, golden body is created by a yeast that, in the presence of oats and wheat, transforms into a hoppy, aromatic, citrusy IPA that happens to be – you guessed it! – hazy.

“There are hazier, murkier beers in the Northwest but most of those have been attributed to hop sedimentation and yeast left in, so particulars of the brewing process,” says Kurt Larson, one of Tropic Haze’s creators. He goes on to talk specifics of Tropic Haze’s recipe – citing the yeast strain that interacts with those oats and wheat to create, in our opinion, perfection. In his words it’s a “velvety mouth feel, fruit character that is tropical and dynamic.“

But it’s what we don’t know about Tropic Haze’s that makes this beer distinctive and addictive. The beer features an experimental hop that is in the cycle of development from a marketing standpoint. Therefore, Silver City cannot give away it’s name – and we’re left feeling insanely curious. Not to worry, though, as Larson reassures us that it’s only a matter of time until we know more.

“You’ll know more about the hop in the future in the coming months and years,“ he says – citing that he expects this particular hop to be on par with the Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops currently on the market.

All in all, this beer is worthy of all praise that it will, undoubtedly, receive. It’s everything that you want from the style – juicy, oozing of pineapple, mango, sweet citrus, and melon – while also having a sweet, smooth body that amounts to extremely enjoyable drinking. You won’t be able to stop after one can, we’ll tell you that much.
Pick-up a freshly canned 6 pack of the Tropic Haze in Washington and Northern Idaho now – and keep an eye on Silver City’s social channels to learn more about the brew, and where you can find it on tap around Seattle.

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