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The Weekly Buzz | March 17 – 23

Weekly Buzz

Have you ever had to work on your day off? If so, did you ever stay even longer because a coworker couldn’t show up for his normal shift? I did that today. I worked 12 hours instead of spending that time drinking beer. Responsibility sucks. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy a few beer in my honor, but, whatever you do, don’t pour one out for me. That would be a terrifying waste of beer. Crack open a fresh one and be glad that the weekend is about to begin. This is The Weekly Buzz.

How many of you broke this cardinal rule?

Maybe that last post was a bit hasty

This beer is going to… rock…

Fill up your calendar with all these events!

Are you an aspiring artist?

Great work supporting a great cause!

Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Mitch Steele has finally named his new project in ATL!

You need plenty of stamina.

It’s gonna be a good time!

She did it! 8 days, 88 miles and 61 breweries ALL ON FOOT!

We all know who’s in charge here.

Do you think beer and politics mix?

It’s back!

On shelves near you this spring!

Another spring seasonal!

That beer is just unfair!

It’s the golden rule!

Want to lend a helping hand?

Where do we sign up?

…but somebody’s got to do it.

Coming soon to a city near you!

Looking for that dream job?

That’s a mighty tall can.

The number one thing to do in Pittsburgh!

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