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New Glory Craft Brewery | Hopaway Beach

New Glory Craft Brewery | Hopaway Beach
Robert French

There are not many breweries in the Sacramento, CA area that have a better track record of brewing IPAs than New Glory Craft Brewery. When you check the “about us” section of their website, the first sentence reads: “We reject the mainstream concept of ‘flagship’ or core beers.” A quick look at their current tap list includes 24 beers; 15 of them are either a Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA or Milkshake IPA. I’m not sure how many different IPAs and hop-forward beers they’ve turned out since 2014, but it’s safe to say they’ve worked every angle of the style.

Hopaway Beach is a 7% ABV American IPA that incorporates a blend of Mosaic, Citra and Ekuanot hops. This beer is fermented with neutral ale yeast, allowing the hops to shine in all their glory and is packaged without filtering. Yes, there’s no filtering and the beer still pours out remarkably clear with a frothy white foam that sits firmly atop a subdued, golden-hued beer.

The aroma first hits you with a citrus punch; then, some tropical and stone fruit aromas arrive deeper in the aroma profile. There is a significant hop bite that hits you on the first drink but mellows quite quickly. The bitterness lingers just long enough to let you know you are drinking an IPA, but its never overwhelming. As the beer warms up, the hops take on a slight vegetal quality, but it’s not overpowering: It’s just enough to add a slight earthiness and another dimension. 

If you are a fan of bitterness with your IPAs while still getting that aroma bomb of a classic hazy, then Hopway Beach might be your perfect choice. The best way to describe this beer is by calling it a West Coast IPA that has been turned down a notch or two. This is a beer that will keep you wanting the toasty days of summer to continue and is a perfect beer drink relaxing by the pool or hanging at a BBQ with friends.

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