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The Ultimate 6er

PD’s staff helps you pick the perfect six pack for all seasons, moods, and social situations.

Ultimate 6er | FRIENDS Beers

May 6, 2015 |

Your early 20s brings a lot of surprises, doesn’t it? A few that come to mind immediately: It really isn’t that easy to find your lobster, rent is way more expensive than you thought, you can’t afford a cab … Read More

Ultimate 6er | 6 Southern Beers to Shoot the Hooch

April 29, 2015 |

Summer in Atlanta means three things: drenching humidity, the annual 4th of July Peachtree 10K Road Race (which is held in the drenching humidity), and Shooting the Hooch.

While Shooting the Hooch may sound a little NSFW, we promise, it’s not. “Hooch” is short for the Chattahoochee River, and “Shootin’” means you’re leisurely floating down said river in an inner tube — and trust me, you’re going to need a beer for that. Read More

Ultimate 6er | 2016 Presidential Contenders

April 22, 2015 |

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We still have a long, expensive, and amusing campaign season ahead of us before the 2016 presidential election, so I thought it would be wise to make sure we’re all aware of which beers pair best with each candidate’s shenanigans. I think you’ll find that each of the beers in this list will have its own time and place to be enjoyed in the next 18 months as the as the pool of candidates grows, fights with itself, and ultimately shrinks to a few shrewd (or lucky) frontrunners. So read on for the only source of political news you’ll need today, the Ultimate 6er for 2016 Presidential Contenders. Read More

Ultimate 6er | Super Trooper Sixer

April 1, 2015 |

IBU: Not bitter at all really

In college, after a night of fun, my roommates and I came home to a choice of two movies. Caddyshack or Super Troopers? Always a difficult decision, though I can say Super Troopers took the advantage by about 120 or so watchings. Between this time spent burning the script, verbatim, into my head, and the relatively equal time spent doing the same with my brother, its not unreasonable to state that 75% of the words exchanged between myself and my brother are 1 liners from Super Troopers. So, when the rumor mill started churning about a sequel, I may have gotten excited.

Once the rumor was replaced with fact, the chaps of Broken Lizard (the guys in the movie) told the world that the studio would produce it but not pay for it. So they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $2 million in 30 days. And they hit that goal in ONE DAY. With perks like “one of the cop cars from the movie” and tickets to “join us at Beerfest,” it’s not exactly surprising.

The Lizards note that on a daily basis they are asked the question “Who wants a mustache ride?” Though Super Troopers was a low budget, indie film, there is clearly a rabid fan base here. So, in honor of the Troopers rocking success ($3.2 million as of this writing), today’s Ultimate 6er will be wrapped around the characters that made the first movie so damn funny. Read More

Ultimate 6er | March Madness Beers

March 25, 2015 | 1

I think you can tell from the shredded scraps of paper you hold in your hands you used to call your bracket, the first weekend of March Madness has come and gone. I’m sure many of you, like me, only … Read More

Ultimate 6er | Alliterative Ales

March 11, 2015 |

I’m incredibly intrigued and enamored by alliteration. Rapid repetition rewards readers, requires readiness and reaps reward. Wow, it is tough to keep that up. With so many beers that have incredibly creative names, I thought I would focus on breweries that utilized my favorite stylistic literary device. I’ll allow my inner word-nerd to come out to say that alliteration has multiple forms, but I am going to focus on the repeated sound of the first consonant in a series of words. While I would love to put Founders Peter Piper Peppered Pale Ale on my list, I was not fortunate enough to try this taproom-only creation from a few years back.

Read More

Ultimate 6er | Wood-Aged Beers Worth Bragging About

March 4, 2015 |

A month after the Super Bowl, Budweiser’s infamous, widely-derided “Brewed the Hard Way” advertisement is still polluting our commercial breaks, eliciting groans and chuckles from anybody who likes to fuss over their beer. During this pathetic, moronic, and unoriginal 60-second viewing experience, one of the most eye roll-worthy moments is their mention of beechwood aging. In a triumphant, chest-thumping, knuckle-dragging celebration of all things mediocre, I suppose it’s appropriate, because the process is all about speedy lagering and filtering, not taste. After being processed in sodium bicarbonate, the beechwood chips they use contribute no flavor whatsoever. In contrast, I’d like to showcase six wood-aged craft brews using woods that actually contribute something to the beer.

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Ultimate 6er | A Bevy of Belgian-styles

February 25, 2015 |

Belgian-style beers run the gamut from light, bubbly pale ales to hearty, dark quadrupels. They can be bright, vivid, and effervescent, and they can be strong, savory, and bold. However they appear, they tend to make an impression. So much so that even the most adamant of non-beer drinkers (I’m looking at you, winos) can be won over with the right combination of fruit, spice, and alcohol. Read More

The Ultimate 6er | Finding Beer in Utah on a Sunday

February 18, 2015 |

The taboos associated with Utah seem to be broad and polarizing. Locals are protective of their state. From the outside looking in you can only imagine men with five wives who belong to a cult that won’t allow you to drink alcohol. Visitors to the state seem to revel in its beauty, gloating over world-class ski resorts to the vast red rock desert in the southern regions and are often puzzled over the strange Utah liquor laws.
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Ultimate 6er | A Bevy Of Belgian-Style Ales

February 11, 2015 |

Belgian-style beers run the gamut from light, bubbly pale ales to hearty, dark quadrupels. They can be bright, vivid and effervescent, and they can be strong, savory and bold. However they appear, they tend to make an impression. So much so that even the most adamant of non-beer drinkers (I’m looking at you, winos) can be won over with the right combination of fruit, spice and alcohol.

Today, I’m exhibiting a pair of Belgian-style or Belgian-inspired beers from each of three American brewers: Ommegang, Goose Island and Boulevard. The pair from Ommegang are the Rare Vos Abbey-style amber and the Three Philosophers quadrupel. Those from Goose Island are named Matilda, a pale ale and The Ogden, a tripel. The last two come from Boulevard Brewing. They are the Long Strange Tripel and The Sixth Glass, another quad.

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Ultimate 6er | Positively Delicious Beers for the Negative Temperatures

January 28, 2015 |

Now that winter has settled in, I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed a winter warmer or two on a chilly evening. But given the onset of plummeting, freezing temperatures across the country, a new question arises: what beers to turn to in the midst of an arctic blast, wrapped in a blanket burrito while attempting to thaw out the very marrow in your bones?

When the temperatures drop and it hurts to breathe outside, stay inside and look no further than this list, which has been tested and proven effective in the midst of the most bitter Colorado cold. And make sure to serve them at a nice cellar temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to help your body retain that precious heat!
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Ultimate 6er | Robert Burns Night

January 21, 2015 |

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Next Sunday is the late, great Robert Burns’s birthday. For those who are not familiar with Burns, he was a well-known Scottish poet from the 18th century, considered the national poet of that fair land. Most people know about one of his many poems titled Auld Lang Syne, a little song we all sing tipsily around the New Year. Apart from that small element of Hogmanay, there are others who commemorate his life and his poetry by celebrating his birthdate every January 25. Robert Burns Night dinners have been popular events for many years now: parties that are not wanting in scotch, bagpipers, poetry readings, haggis, neaps, and tatties. In my experience, festival-goers will most likely find themselves at a brewery where there is a fresh tapping of a scotch ale, or more than one! Therefore, what better way to commemorate our dear friend Robbie than with a few of the best scotch ales out there*? Read More

Ultimate 6er | Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

January 14, 2015 |

Ahh, January, the month of New Year resolutions made to be broken. Especially gloriously vague exclamations like “I’m going to exercise more!” This just means you don’t already exercise and you’re really not going to. Or “I’m going to … Read More

Ultimate 6er | Secret Santa Gifts for Hard-To-Buy-For Family Members

December 24, 2014 |

It’s December 24 and after a month of delaying, you’re still trying to figure who the heck who it is you pulled from the Secret Santa bag for your family party. Jeremy? Did someone have a kid and you didn’t notice? Is he a long last cousin that’s been living Potter-style under the stairs all these years? Whose aunt is Aunt Kathy cause you’re pretty sure she isn’t yours.

My family party this year is at a record low of 29 people this year, but with a family that big there’s no way you can know enough about everyone to get them a perfect gift. In an effort to make sure that poor Jeremy doesn’t end up with the re-gifted candle for Christmas, below I’m giving you six beers for the family party members you don’t know well.

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Ultimate 6er | Clear eyes, Full Pints, Can’t lose

December 17, 2014 | 3

I recently experienced one of the least fun football related weeks I can remember. My San Francisco 49ers were annihilated on Thanksgiving day by Seattle (the city I live in). Two days later I watched, with my in-laws from Michigan, … Read More

Ultimate 6er | Preparing For the Playoffs

December 10, 2014 |

For those of us in Fantasy Football leagues, our minds are prematurely wrapped around playoffs as we reach the final stretch in our outrageously competitive seasons. In reality, week 14 through 16 are equally as important: aside from teams that have no chance of going to the Superbowl, there are some critical triumphs that must be won to determine others’ qualifying status.  Let’s focus on some of the biggest December games that will make or break our brackets to prepare our odds — and our palates — for this year’s NFL playoffs.

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Ultimate 6er | Essential Indiana Beers

December 3, 2014 | 1

The holidays are a great time to spend with friends and family. For a Colorado transplant like myself, that means a lot of travel. When I left Indiana for the bright lights of Colorado eight and a half years ago, the craft beer scene in Indiana had its bright spots but left a lot to be desired. Whenever I would head back for a visit to Indiana, I felt like a beer sherpa with the crazy amount of Colorado craft beers in my bags for family members. But every year at Great American Beer Fest, I found more and more Hoosier breweries in attendance (and more of them getting great buzz). Read More

Ultimate 6er | Thanksgiving Feast

November 26, 2014 |

Friendsgiving: the greatest excuse for you to binge eat, binge drink and binge watch the NFL with all of your closest friends in a single day. It’s also a great day for your friends who are amateur cuisiniers to demonstrate their skills while those of us who can barely cook noodles properly get to benefit from their endeavors.

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Ultimate 6er | Daylight Saving Stouts

November 12, 2014 |

As much as we all loved gaining the extra hour the first night of November, I would be hard pressed to find someone who relished the idea of leaving work at dusk and returning home in darkness. This week’s edition commemorates those dark nights of fall and the foreboding weather to come with a delicious and decadent brew to ease your fears and warm your spirit. Enjoy these with caution and care, for consuming all of these in one evening will require more than an extra hour in the morning, and you may think twice before brewing that pot of coffee. Read More

Ultimate 6er | Six Craft Lagers to Trick David Chang

October 22, 2014 |

Celebrity chef David Chang set the internet ablaze earlier last week when GQ published his paean to watery industrial pale lagers “My Name is David Chang, and I hate Fancy Beer.” While less incendiary than the title might suggest, the article provoked intense rebuttals from many in the craft beer community including fellow New Yorker Garrett Oliver. Even our own Tristan Chan weighed in on the subject in this week’s Happy Hour post. While I don’t share Chang’s love of crappy beer, I’m sympathetic to his anti-snobbery concerns and can understand wanting light, crisp brews that are refreshing and don’t overwhelm your tastebuds while eating food. I’m sure hordes of beer writers are at this very moment penning intelligent and passionate essays about the many reasons beer pairs better with food than almost any beverage out there–and they’re right–but I doubt Chang will read them. I suggest a more nefarious solution: let’s just trick him.
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