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#Colorado Brewers Guild Archives –

Colorado Brewers Guild Announces Colorado Pint Day Date & Participants

July 10, 2020 |

The Colorado Brewer’s Guild (CBG) has announced the new date and participating brewery list for Colorado Pint Day 2020. Colorado Pint Day will now take place on Wednesday, July 29.

The annual event raises money for the guild and traditionally takes place during Colorado Craft Beer Week each spring. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBG had to postpone its 2020 fundraiser. Now that breweries are being allowed to re-open with on-premise consumption, the guild was able to confirm a new date. Read More

Soulcraft Brewing | Coconut Milk Stout

April 10, 2018 |

The idea came to him in a dream. Soulcraft Brewing’s head brewmaster Mike LaCroix was so focused on brainstorming different kinds of beers to open the brewery with in November 2016 that it continued as he slept. He woke up and thought, let’s do a really great Coconut Milk Stout. And he did. Read More

Event Preview | Get Ready for a Rendezvous with Brews

June 30, 2017 |

Most beer lovers assume beer fests are for them. Like the liquid smorgasbord is a thank you gift for being loyal craft beer fans. But the Colorado Brewers Rendezvous wasn’t originally intended for you, the beer drinker. Don’t get me wrong, you’re invited now, you’re more than welcome, but initially it was just an annual membership meeting of the Colorado Brewers Guild. When a bunch of brewers gather to rendezvous, though, it’s going to be a party. And parties are meant to be shared.

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Meet Andres Gil Zaldana, New Executive Director of the Colorado Brewers Guild

March 23, 2017 |

It’s not often you can refer to a DC insider as an outsider, but such is the case for Andres Gil Zaldana, the Colorado Brewers Guild’s (CBG) newly named Executive Director. Zaldana, who previously served with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and as an attorney in private practice, is a newcomer to working in the craft beer industry.

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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

July 20, 2015 |

I know, it’s Monday and that stinks but I’m bringing many craft beer news stories to brighten your day. To start it off, Firestone Walker is joining a craft beer empire. Next, some cool guys invented a way to make beer pong cleaner and Hop the Vote is coming back to GABF. Finally, there are a few festivals you should look into, including What the Funk!? Read on to get all of the details in this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill.

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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

September 22, 2014 |

This week’s growler brings you some must-read craft beer news. First off, the best beer bars around the country have been named by the readers of, so you must check that out to find your new favorite watering hole. Next, Odell Brewing has been around for 25 years and they are releasing a new beer to celebrate. Other important news includes a way to make beer while hiking, the Hop the Vote candidates have been announced, and Victory Brewing can now be found in Nevada. Expand your craft beer knowledge through this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill.

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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

September 1, 2014 |

This week I gathered more craft beer news than I ever have before…you’re welcome. There is all kinds of exciting things going on in the beer world and you need to educate yourself! The Colorado political groups are dueling it out to see who can brew the best beer. Hill Farmstead is growing, but probably not enough for you to get your hands on their brews. Pabst is bringing back the original American IPA – Ballantine. These are just a few of the many compelling stories you’ll find in this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill. Read More