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AboutJadon Flores –

Jadon Flores

Jadon Flores

I've worked in the beer industry for over 6 years, from beertending to brewing and currently help professional breweries troubleshoot problems for the brewery equipment manufacturer Premier Stainless Systems. I have an insanely built DIY homebrew set up and I love using it and my wife has always been very supportive. I have a brand new baby girl who takes away most of my sleep but is a great assistant brewer! Temecula born and raised, favorite beer is Strong Willed Warrior Imperial Stout - Karl Strauss, followed closely by Lamvinous by Cantillion.

Posts By Jadon Flores

Suave Fest and Raíces Brewing Shine Light on LatinX Brewers

September 13, 2019 |

The communal nature of the craft beer industry naturally lends to a general sentiment of inclusiveness. Race, gender, sexual orientation, doesn’t matter to most in the beer community as long as you make good beer? Despite the widespread tone of … Read More

Karl Strauss & Russian River Brewing | New California IPA

August 15, 2019 | Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

It’s not often two giants in the beer industry get together to collaborate on a singularly fantastic beer, but that is exactly what Karl Strauss and Russian River Brewing did to make what they call the New California IPA. This beer has a piney and resinous front with hints of dank greens in the back. It has firm but not overwhelming bitterness and a palate cleansing kind of clean on the tongue. The IPA is complete with faint raspberries and rhubarb as it warms for a refreshing summer crispness. After talking with Matt Johnson, Brewmaster of Brewery Operations at Karl Strauss, and Vinnie Cilurzo, Co-Owner and Head Brewer at Russian River, I was able to get some insight into this wondrous amalgamation of talent and hops!

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