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What We’re Drinking | October 14

October 14, 2016 |

For many Porchdrinkers, the second week of October has brought hardship and struggle (except for those jerks who were having a blast at GABF). The ingenious inventor of the #Bovapose evacuated her home before a Hurricane. Many struggled to keep their sanity during a bizarre presidential debate. I caught a cold. It’s now time to celebrate our collective coping mechanism and explore What We’re Drinking. 

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Ultimate 6er | Rio Olympians

August 24, 2016 |

I admit, even after three days I am going through an Olympic withdrawal. During the previous two weeks my free time was totally consumed by everything from table tennis and synchronized swimming to gymnastics and track and field. I set my alarm for a Sunday morning to watch the men’s marathon and stayed up late to watch the beach volleyball finals. Our American athletes did phenomenally, winning 121 total medals (46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze). In honor of them I built my own 6er so I could give cheers to the athletes that make me proud to be an American. Read More

Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

August 1, 2016 |

The SABMiller/AB InBev deal comes to a halt, Hop Valley Brewing will be acquired by MillerCoors, and the number of U.S. breweries reaches an all-time high. This week brings you groundbreaking craft beer news that you absolutely cannot miss. So let’s do what we do every Monday: sit back, crack open a cold one, and keep reading to catch all of the details in this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill. Read More

What We’re Drinking | July 8th, 2016

July 8, 2016 |

Alas, it is Friday. Despite the extended holiday weekend, I’m sure this week dragged on for most given the inevitable hangover we all tackled on Tuesday. Fear not, beer lovers. … Read More

What We’re Drinking | June 25th, 2016

June 25, 2016 |

Happy weekend, beer lovers! Summer is officially here and boy does the temperature agree. Let us ponder all of the best places for you to stay cool with your favorite … Read More

What We’re Drinking | April 22nd, 2016

April 22, 2016 |

I think… *checks weather report*… I think… *looks up at sky*… I think it’s safe to say this gorgeous PorchDrinking weather is here to stay! I’m writing this from my … Read More

Ratio + Crooked Stave + PorchDrinking TOMORROW at Avanti F&B

April 21, 2016 |

Game of Thrones Season 6 may be debuting Sunday, and the Rocky Mountain region might have gotten rocked last weekend by a late season snow storm, but don’t be fooled, … Read More

Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

April 11, 2016 |

AB InBev gets sued over Leffe, the Brewers Association drops their list of the Top 50 Breweries, and Surly Brewing expands their reach. What better way to start your week than with some craft beer news? Close your email, ignore your boss, and focus on the beer with this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill.

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Ultimate 6er | Best Beers For Spring

March 23, 2016 |

Spring. Robins return to your lawn. Daffodils and tulips bloom. The air turns warm, the days get longer, the outdoor day drinking turns to outdoor night drinking, and your car goes from midnight black to pollen yellow. OK – so maybe not all things about spring are fantastic. But think about letting your beer follow in your paint job’s footsteps and go from dark to light as well. Spring is the perfect time to wind down the stouts, porters, and winter warmers, and increase the hops, the sour funk, and the fruit. Read More

Crooked Stave Finally Begins Brewing In-House

January 29, 2016 | 1

Chad Yakobson is restless. If you were in his boots, you would be too. It’s been almost five years since Yakobson first opened Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and yet it wasn’t until January 4, … Read More

Event Recap | 2015 Denver Bacon and Beer: Brewer’s Dinner

November 11, 2015 |

Average Reading Time: [4 minutes]

Imbibe Events and The Lobby hosted an intimate evening featuring five breweries and restaurants from the Denver Bacon and Beer Festival. The Denver Bacon and Beer Brewer’s Dinner paired five chefs and five breweries for a meat filled evening that didn’t not disappoint. The Denver Bacon and Beer Brewer’s Dinner benefited Metro Caring and Project Angel Heart. Participating restaurants and breweries included Block & Larder, Euclid Hall, Second Home Kitchen + Bar, The Lobby, Max’s Wine Dive, Great Divide Brewing Company, Wit’s End Brewing Company, Call To Arms Brewing Company, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Spangalang Brewery and The Post Brewing Co.

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Crooked Stave | Surette

August 11, 2015 | 1

Originally Published August 23, 2013

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project: Surette Provision Saison

ABV: 6.2%

Crooked Stave is making amazing beers. The research that owner and brewmaster Chad Yakobson … Read More

Ultimate 6er | 6 Beers Your Bartenders Are Currently Drinking

September 24, 2014 |

We don’t always solicit advice from complete strangers, but when we do, it’s usually going to be about which beer to choose. Read More

Drink Locally. Be Pretentious Globally: My Interview with Adam Cayton-Holland

August 21, 2014 |

Adam Cayton-Holland, one third of Denver’s the World’s best comedy show The Grawlix, has been on one hell of a run. After performing on Conan and The Pete Holmes Show, Adam followed it up with an appearance on @midnight and throwing the first pitch out at a Colorado Rockies game. Adam has been creating his own path to success by staying in his hometown, the beer mecca of Denver, instead of following the traditional path for entertainers: moving to either New York or LA.

Adam took some time out of his busy schedule writing, podcasting, and planning the upcoming High Plains Comedy Festival (starring T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Pete Holmes and dozens more) to discuss the beer scene in Denver, brew options on the road and much more.
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Beer and Food | Crooked Stave Vieille finds True Love

April 17, 2014 |

Welcome back to the delicious world of beer and food. We are off to an exciting start as the pairing with Westbrook last week was very inspirational for Alewise, and … Read More

Crooked Stave- Vieille Cranberry and Spice

December 26, 2013 |

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes… All staples of a delicious holiday dinner. However, in my opinion, there’s one food that completes the meal but never gets the credit it deserves: the … Read More

Crooked Stave – St. Bretta (Fall)

October 18, 2013 |

Beer: St. Bretta (Fall)
Brewer: Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 25

I hate to admit that I had never really heard of Crooked Stave until the end of this past August. I was attending a homebrewer’s competition for a local non-profit and was invited to guest judge. (Apparently my credentials at PorchDrinking and my affinity for beer were enough to give me the exclusive rights to judge.) When I arrived, I learned that I would be the only judge that night as the two brewers from “Crooked Stave” would not be able to show. Read More

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project: Hop Savant

May 28, 2013 |

Hop Savant

Crooked Stave Brewery, Denver, CO

ABV 6.7%

Hoppy beers have been a bit of a target recently. A widely shared article recently stated, “Hop enthusiasts are ruining craft beer.” This is hyperbole to be sure, but it’s still a fairly predictable backlash. Double and triple IPAs are now quite common at most breweries, and some are an absolute assault on the taste buds. Even regular IPAs can go a bit over the top from time to time. And so it’s understandable that people may be a bit hesitant to, at least for the moment, purchase a beer that even has “Hop” in the name. Read More