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Star Wars : The Hype Awakens | *Updated November 21*

November 21, 2015 |

Check out week one, week two, or week three of this blog if you haven’t yet. They sort of explain what’s going on here. But the long story short is this: I love Star Wars. And every single day between now and the release of The Force Awakens, I’ll be writing on to explain my passion for the franchise and share in all the excitement leading up to the new movie’s release.

Here’s a link to the latest update from today (Saturday)

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Hoops & Hops | NBA Team Beer Pairings

October 27, 2015 | 1

The tip-off to the NBA season is upon us. Grab a local craft beer to bring down the house and cheer on your favorite team! We’ve combined our love for the great game of basketball with our love for local craft beers. We hope you enjoy these NBA-inspired beer pairings. The Larry O’Brien Championship trophy currently resides with the Cavaliers in Cleveland, Ohio this season. Will your team take it from them?
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Pucks & Pints | Beer Pairings for NHL Teams

October 7, 2015 | 1

The days are getting shorter, leaves are changing color and there is a bit of a chill in the air. That can only mean one thing: the National Hockey League is about to get under way and the hunt for the Stanley Cup is on. What goes well with hockey? The perfect craft brew, of course! This is our toast to the NHL and the delicious beers that remind us how great the game of hockey is. Listed below are the beer pairings for each NHL team. The criteria for the choices of the beers comes down to: regionality, availability, and the relativity of the name or certain aspect of the beer and the team identified. This is purely for fun and we hope you enjoy discovering your team’s beer.

When your team drops the puck for the first time, celebrate the start of the NHL season with a perfect, craft beer. Game on!

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The Island of Misfit Sports

May 4, 2015 |

Rarely has so much attention been payed to sports that typically fly below the radar than was paid to boxing and horse racing on Saturday. The Kentucky Derby garnered its best ratings since 1992, and followed up with a race … Read More

Fans Lose, NHL Wins With Late Start Times

April 27, 2015 |

I have a riddle for you. What sporting event took place over the span of two days and easily could have been avoided?

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NHL Playoff 2015

April 20, 2015 |

In case you have haven’t heard, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs started on Thursday. With some last minute heroics by Ottawa pushing Boston out of the picture and Calgary robbing Los Angeles a chance to defend their title, here is what the first round match-ups look like.

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Worth the Wait? Wait and See.

April 6, 2015 |

For Cubs fans, the best thing about night baseball in April is that it looks a lot like baseball in October when you watch on TV.  “Worth the Wait” proclaims a billboard on Clark Street, the words superimposed on … Read More

Time to Move Major Sporting Events from Indiana

March 30, 2015 | 2

It’s incredibly disturbing and ass-backwards that a column like this must be written in this day and age, but when the governor of Indiana signs a bill that could potentially allow businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community it seems you have little choice.

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March Madness Depression

March 23, 2015 |

Oh to be a college basketball fan. To think watching a full season of NCAA hoops earns you any distinction among the various friend, co-worker or family pools that amass during this frantic period. To be reminded that the chances of glory and bragging rights are only occur by happenstance. To be reminded how one games performance means nothing in the next game, and to bemoan only what could have been. That my friends, is what March Madness does to me. Read More

2015 Mascot Madness

March 19, 2015 |

Your favorite PETA agitating edition of Mascot Madness is back for another year! For those who aren’t familiar, every year we have a little fun by picking the tournament field based on which mascot would win in a cage match. These … Read More

Screw It, I’m Becoming a College Basketball Fan

March 9, 2015 |

Picking a team to root for has never been a chore for me.  If a team or sport didn’t reach out and grab me, I’ve never bothered to make an effort to be a fan of a sport or … Read More

Sports | New Rules Should Quicken Pace of MLB Games

March 2, 2015 |

As spring training gets underway fans will notice something different when they head to the ballpark this season – they’ll be heading home sooner. At least that’s what Major League Baseball hopes.

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Jackie Robinson West | A Cautionary Tale

February 16, 2015 |

There’s an old saying that goes in team sports: Players win games, coaches lose them and refs ruin them. In a sense, that is what Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West is dealing with after their successful 2014 Little League World Series Championship has been stripped. After being discovered for recruiting ineligible players outside of township lines. The whistle-blower in this case, Mountain Ridge Little League, the de-facto US championship as it so happens. A couple days of passed since the ruling, and the internet is buzzing with conspiracy theories, motivations, and plenty of victim claims.

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Super Bowl Bingo Cards XLIX

January 30, 2015 | 1

All boards designed by Desiree Duzich and individual bingo clues contributed by entire staff!

Be sure to check out the 2016 Super Bowl 50 version of our Super Bowl Bingo Boards.

Ok so we may be a little salty that … Read More

Cooking with Beer | Top 5 Recipes for NFL Sunday

January 30, 2015 | 1

Since the NFL Sunday is really just a weekly holiday of food disguised as a football game, I’m bringing you five recipes instead of one. If you follow Drink and Spoon religiously, you may have seen some of these recipes before. If not, welcome to the wonderful world of Cooking with Beer. As you travel through this list of good eats, you’ll see that I have laid out a step-by-step guide on how to properly prepare all of these dishes throughout NFL Sunday. Enjoy and may the best appetizer win!

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If Craft Beer Settled Super Bowl XLIX

January 29, 2015 |

As you’ve likely discovered by now, we’re not your average craft beer blog. And as such, we thought we’d take a bit of a different approach to this weekend’s Super Bowl by asking what Sunday’s outcome would be if craft beer settled Super Bowl XLIX. Read More

Blame the Media for Marshawn Lynch’s Interview Mockery

January 29, 2015 |

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

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The Good, the Bad & The Ugly | Sports Recap 1/27

January 27, 2015 |

The Good

Max Scherzer just hit the lottery in Washington, a contract that shaking plenty of heads. Putting together a “Thank You” ad for the fans of Detroit enhances his image more than than those 8 zeroes that are going to his bank account. Read More

When the Replay Booth Becomes Judge’s Chambers, We’ve All Lost

January 11, 2015 |

It should come as no surprise, especially after the conclusion of Sunday’s Packers-Cowboys game, that the NFL’s most famous referee, Ed Hochuli, is a partner in a law firm when he is not turning NFL games into his own personal … Read More

Sports | BCS Tournament Recap

January 5, 2015 |

With parades marching throughout the land celebrating another year of renewed energy and enthusiasm about the future, 4 teams took to the field to prove something as well: The Ohio State University, the underdog and Big 10 Champion, Florida State, ACC and defending National Champion, Alabama, SEC Champion, and Oregon, PAC 12 Champion. These conferences saw their constituents take to the boards and phone lines proclaiming their superiority and dominance over one another, but the time for talk was now finally over as New Year’s day arrived. What was to come at the end of this day, no one could have expected. Read More